10 Ways How Technology Has Changed Our Lives


Time is a funny thing, especially when it is observed in the changes in technology throughout the years. Units that were once marvels of cutting-edge science are now considered more akin to ancient relics of a time long passed. It’s really amazing how technology has changed our lives.

Consider how many people will chuckle at the sight of an old-school rotary telephone, a mechanical typewriter, or an old-world lighting fixture. Though impressive for their era, these inventions have been dwarfed by the developments from successive decades.

This phenomenon of constantly seeming wowed by the newest technology illustrates that we adapt to new technologies quickly. Once integrated into our lives, they become almost second nature. What was once a breakthrough that seemed otherworldly in some ways soon becomes like second nature.

Thinking about the evolution of technology brings to mind the bigger impact of how technology has changed our lives. Outdated inventions are only outdated because the ones that came after changed things to such a degree. From the daily practices we take part in the functions of business or academia, there are many areas where technology has changed lives.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives: Top 10 Best Observations

Communication is Faster and More Versatile Than Ever

There are a lot of breakthroughs happening every year in the area of digital communications. It’s hard to believe that there was a time when none of these options existed, and humanity had to make due with the methods of the time.

Now there are mobile devices capable of calling anywhere on the planet within a matter of seconds. Calls are clearer and there is less downtime, as well as more options for content sharing during calls. Video chatting, file sharing, and other common types of communication platform features have become so common we rarely think of life without them.

The benefits don’t just come in the form of better speed or clearer calls. Digital communication is more reliable and has fewer concerns about downtime. Even in those moments when a network provider’s service does go down, it’s usually back up quickly and at its full potency in no time.

Business Communications Have Evolved Significantly

It’s easy to think that communication in the digital sensor is more tailored toward casual users. Those who chat casually for recreational purposes have certain needs – but those whose communications affect their paycheck may be even more particular about what they want.

Digital communications have changed the way people go about communicating with each other in an organizational environment. It’s gotten to the point that businesses can’t expect to enjoy any type of measurable success unless they have proper digital communication technology in place.

Chat systems, cloud portals, and intranets are all examples of how digital communication can take many forms in the business world. But no matter how businesses choose to communicate, it’s important for them to embrace technology.

Technology Has Made Computers Faster and Smaller

When the first electric computers were built, it was a breakthrough for the time. But the massive devices carted around in the mid-1900s had one major drawback. It wasn’t their limited specs, as that was expected given the limitations of the time. It was their size that made them somewhat unappealing to many.

Over the years, there have been many efforts to improve computers whether we’re talking PCs, laptops, or tablets. These efforts don’t just involve making computers faster and more reliable, but for making them smaller.

The craze to make computers more compact without sacrificing specs has even spawned new classifications of computers, such as the ultraportable laptop. When we look at how technology has changed our lives, the concept of being able to fit a computer in a backpack is a testament to just how far we’ve come.

Medical Science Has Evolved to Save Lives

Medicine and technology have always been inseparable, as every breakthrough regarding computer power poses new opportunities for those who make their living treating the ill.

These days its possible to get more accurate x-rays, perform more precise surgical procedures, and make more effective medicines thanks to the advancements in technology. Without these advancements, the medical industry would not be where it is today.

There’s no substitute for good medical staff who care about patients – but equipping these professionals with the right technology can make them even more capable.

Transportation Technology is Becoming Autonomous

When it comes to how technology has changed our lives, we can see a lot of evidence in the transportation industry. More efficient engines and more durable components are examples of great technology that (literally) carries humanity forward.

But there’s another trend emerging in transportation technology – the concept of autonomy. Despite the horror stories circulating about autonomous cars causing accidents, these vehicles are becoming more advanced every day.

It could help to solve a lot of problems, like growing the labor capabilities in transportation fields without enough workers. Using sensors, cameras, and smart algorithms, autonomous vehicles could one day make the human-driven car a thing of the past.

We Can Learn Faster and More Effectively

There are plenty of portals out there to help people learn more about the world around them. And we aren’t just talking about the internet and its limitless library of information – we’re referencing dedicated online learning institutions.

These options have changed the game for people who want a formal education in a subject or subjects, but lack the time or resources to acquire it traditionally. Online education is a great option for many and is only possible thanks to breakthroughs in technology.

These breakthroughs allow for tutoring via video chats, instant corrections on assignments, and collaboration between classmates even if they’re hundreds of miles apart.

Online Workplaces Make Employment More Versatile

There used to be one thing associated with the beginning of a workday – the emergence from one’s home and entrance into the gridlock on the way to a physical location. That model isn’t quite out of style yet, but virtual jobs are becoming more popular.

With around half of Americans saying they do at least some of their work remotely, it is a testament to how robust our digital infrastructure has become. Even if a person doesn’t work from home full-time, the ability to do so reliably on any basis is impressive.

Think about how many more jobs have been created and how much more experience has been gained thanks to these capabilities – that is the true benefit of technology.

E-Commerce is the Way of the Future

It wouldn’t be an accurate article on how technology has changed our lives without mentioning e-commerce. Sure, businesses have offered delivery services for years. But the option to browse a catalog from wherever you are, place an order, and get it delivered without having to step foot in a store is an amazing convenience to have.

Many people are worried that this trend will cause brick-and-mortar retailers to fall away. In some ways, it has – but it has also created jobs, helped people save money, and had many other positive impacts on the way people shop.

Shopping is a key human behavior, and thanks to improvements in technology it has completely changed from just a couple decades ago.

Dating, Friend Making, and Ice Breaking Are Now Done Digitally

There was a time when anyone who wanted to meet a person of romantic interest had two options – talk to a stranger at a place like a supermarket or turn to others for matchmaking assistance.

Now they can do both those things but within the confines of a digital environment. It is possible to meet new people and even find ones we match up well with thanks to online dating and socializing platforms.

While they’re just a gateway to in-person relations in most cases, they’re effective in that application. For those whose schedules or locations make mingling tough, online dating and matchmaking can be very handy.

Banking and Bill Paying Are Now Possible Remotely

Forget the hassle of paper statements, lost mail, and long trips to make sure we’re up to date on our financial obligations.

Online banking and bill paying have made things very convenient for customers around the world. The operations they want to engage in like paying, checking balances, and getting questions answered are quicker than ever.

It has also made things more convenient for the institutions themselves, as they can save time and manpower by turning to online solutions.

How Will Technology Improve Our Lives in the Future?

We can see how technology has changed our lives today when compared to the past. But what will things look like five, ten, or twenty years from now?

We could be seeing computers and mobile devices that put today’s models to shame. We may also see businesses and entire industries becoming much more efficient, and increasing their productivity substantially.

There are no limits to how far technology can take humanity. As long as people are able to see how these breakthroughs could help them live a better life, they’ll be likely to welcome them in over time.


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