5 best internet browsers for Android smartphones & tablets


Byte-Notes already had an article about best internet browser for a desktop computer. Today I am going to share the 5 best internet browsers for Android. And the best thing is they are all free to download and install on your smart phone / tablet. These web browsers standout in the android market place because of their security features, speed, user interface and of course the user base. I have personally checked these 5 browsers and presently I am using two of them, i-e. Firefox for Android and Next Browser, the remaining three, that we are going to discuss in detail are Google Chrome, Dolphin browser & Opera for Android.

5 Best internet browsers for android

Lets discuss the security features, stability and what you can or can’t do with these five best internet browser for your android smart phone / tablets.

Firefox for Android

Topping the list is Firefox browser for Android. Firefox is free, secure and fast web browser for your android smart phone / tablets. The Firefox browser is extensively customizable with plethora of add-ons and themes. Although, at times it can be painfully slow and sluggish on a low-end device. One great feature of Firefox is Firefox Sync. Where you can synchronize all your Firefox data (Tabs / add-ons / themes & bookmarks etc) across multiple devices.

Google Chrome

According to W3Schools browser statistics for the month of March, 2014, Chrome usage is 57.5 %, Firefox is 25.6%. This shows the popularity of Chrome browser. Even Byte-Notes gets about 57 to 60% monthly visits from chrome web browser. This popularity is because of clean and sleek design plus the security features and fast browsing experience. Apart from that, the chrome browser is highly customizable with a number of useful extensions. Unlike Firefox, Google Chrome can perform well on low-end smart phones and tablets. And like Firefox, you can also synchronize browser data like extensions, passwords and bookmarks across multiple devices.

Dolphin Browser

The Dolphin browser for android and IOS devices is developed by Mobotop. Being the first alternative browser for android smart phones and tablets that offers some of the best features like tabbed browsing, voice search (Dolphin Sonar), gesture browsing, seamless synchronization across multiple devices, and webzine. The Webzine displays content / web pages in magazine style. According to its user base, features, speed and security, ease of use. This is one of the best web browser for android devices.

Next Browser

Next browser is a simple, easy to use and fast web browser. The Next browser is fast because it consumes less memory and lower power consumption. Although Next Browser has not so many extension right now as compared to other browsers, but its fast browsing experience is worth giving a try. Still a new browser in the Android Market place but has developed a strong user base of over 4 Million users.


Opera is a simple, fast, and easy to use web browser for smart phones and tablets. One great feature of Opera web browser is its speed dials. Which displays your favorite web pages and book marks.


Its up to you to decide which browsers you would prefer. I have presented a brief introduction of the five best web browsers for android smart phones and tablets. Now you know the pros and cons of the most popular mobile web browsers. But it also depends on which smart phone you are using as I have mentioned that some work like a charm on most devices and some of them are painfully slow on low-end devices.

Which browser is your favorite and why? Do let us know in the comments.

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