5 useful Android Apps for students


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William Shakespeare once said, Make use of time, let not advantage slip”The quote describes the time in its worth.  For a student, time could prove a game-changer for his life if spent well. The good thing about time is, everyone will have it in life and the bad thing is, it will not remain as always as it is now. So for a student, time is the most precious asset as it will never come back once became past. The point is to utilize the time in its most worth-gaining manner. After analyzing the data, gathered from various authentic resources which also includes Play Store, a platform for Android based smartphones to download and review android apps, we have found that technology could bring one to the doorstep of success in this modern era. Here are some useful Android Apps for students, which will not only aid in the learning process but also teach them to utilize time for the best.

5 useful android apps for students


Want to find the most trending courses in your field of study and want to master them? This is one of the best android apps for students to improve his academic condition in terms of knowledge and learning new skills. There are many free courses available, constituting various domains and subjects of academia which include courses from the world’s top level universities like Stanford and John Hopkins etc. Signing in to course will worth student’s time.


The most widely used android app for students, especially for computer science graduates, in terms of asking questions and finding perfect answers by various tech experts. Once you will install it and let it handle the questions you want to ask. The students that are following your blogs are found to have more knowledge in their field of interest. The best part of this smartphone app is, you can choose your favorite topics and can find the most interesting stuff about them which is worth knowing. This app will cash your time in terms of learning.

Oxford Dictionary 

Even if you are a native English speaker, we suggest you install this app on your smartphone and it will keep you updated about various idioms and phrases pouring into English literature and grammar. It has in numerous words from both British and America. Very rare words that are not easy to find can be seen with some typing and a click on your android smartphone. It has been proved that students using this app continuously, have an excellent vocabulary. It is one of the best Android apps for students indeed, regarding learning new words.


Are you afraid of losing your notes or coursework? Well, no worries. Dropbox app has made it easy for students to save their stuff on cloud and made it available online anywhere anytime. Students can upload various files including photos, documents, and videos from their own smartphone. It would be very unwise to spend money on buying some external storage for your smartphone while you have this app available for free. All you need is just to sign in with a free account of Dropbox. One of the best app for students with this kind of file stuff on their smartphone.


Tired of asking your parents to pay your expenses every time? Need a job? Well, the best platform for introducing yourself as a beginner in the practical field of interest. It could prove as a fortune changer for your life as you can find many success stories on a fiver. Learning and earning at the same time will bring more passion to you and can change your attitude towards your life in a positive manner. All you need is to create a free account and log in to this app using your smartphone and find some job best suitable for you. It is indeed one of the best apps for a student with android based smartphones.


We end up our discussion by suggesting these most valuable and useful android apps for students, as per recommended by most of the professionals. We hope using these android apps on your smartphone will make further progress on all fronts.  

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