Best 70″ TV

TVs are great for getting the whole family together during the holidays. No one will fight over who gets to control what shows because there’s enough room for everyone.

The best 70″ TVs come in both 4K and Full HD resolution, which means you’ll get a crystal clear picture no matter where you sit or stand. Plus, they’re perfect for watching your favorite holiday movies each year.

Our Favorite Best 70″ TV

Top 7 Best 70″ TV Reviews- 2022

1. Samsung 70-Inch BE70T-H Pro TV

Samsung 70-Inch BE70T-H Pro TV | Commercial | Easy Digital Signage Software | 4K | HDMI | USB | TV Tuner | Speakers | 250 nits

You are introducing Samsung’s 70-Inch 4K UHD smart TV. You can enjoy a 4X more powerful picture with a 4K UHD than with full HD. With fast refresh rates and stronger contrast, your viewing experience is enhanced with crisp and clear details. This commercial grade television comes with built-in WiFi connectivity that makes streaming Netflix and YouTube a breeze. You can also install an external media player to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

With the new Pro TV 70″ 4K UHD TV, you’ll enjoy vivid colors and four times the resolution of Full HD. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even if you aren’t a techie. With the Pro TV App, your video content is taken to an entirely different level. It enables you to easily browse your favorite videos throughout the house or on the go using your smartphone as a remote control. The advanced functionality of Samsung’s HDR technology allows each pixel to display accurate color, giving you vivid details on everything from sports to movies. The TV’s slim design and advanced technology make it easier to integrate into any room.

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2. SAMSUNG 70-Inch Class QLED

SAMSUNG 70-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series - 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (QN70Q60AAVXZA, 2021 Model)

The SAMSUNG 70″ Class QLED 4K UHD Smart TV lets you watch all of your favorite movies, shows, and games in a whole new way. It features a 70-inch display and fills even large rooms with bright, clear images. Samsung’s 70″ QLED 4K UHD Smart TV offers the picture quality you’ve been waiting for in DCI-P3 color space with 100% color volume. Plus, it’s certified by the UHD Alliance as “Ultra HD Premium” and utilizes quantum dots to create a billion stunning shades. A TV with HDR technology expands the range of colors on the screen, so your favorite movies and shows will come to life like never before

The Samsung Q9F Series gives you a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy a 270° immersive design that immerses you in action as well as Q ColorTM technology that delivers a wider spectrum of colors to make entertainment come alive. It offers four times full HD resolution thanks to its 11 million pixels and 4K quantum processor. In addition to delivering up to 1 billion different shades of colors, 100% color volume ensures a vivid picture from any angle. With access to content partners like HBO and Netflix built into the TV, you get easy access to all the entertainment options at your fingertips.

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3. VIZIO 70-Inch V-Series 4K Smart TV

VIZIO 70-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV with Voice Remote, Apple AirPlay and Chromecast Built-in, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDMI 2.1, IQ Active Processor and V-Gaming Engine, V705-J, 2021 Model

Enjoy the breathtaking capability of 4K Ultra HD with VIZIO’s 70″ Class (69.5″ diagonal) 4K Smart TV V-Series. Enjoy four times the resolution of Full HD on a TV with a powerful Dolby Vision high dynamic range display! This impressive television features an impressive 100 local dimming zones. The device also features Dolby Vision’s high dynamic range and Ultra Color Spectrum Pro to ensure that every image is presented with outstanding detail. Furthermore, this UHD Smart TV has built-in WiFi with smart apps like Netflix® and Amazon Video, as well as built-in Chromecast. Not to mention its superb 8 million to one contrast ratio makes it a good choice for gaming as well.

This premium V70-E5 TV creates an impressive entertainment experience and is the centerpiece of your home entertainment system. This TV looks smarter than ever before, thanks to a 4K UHD HDR Processor X1TM with Dolby VisionTM and Mobile High-Def Interface (MHL) 2.0. Its stunning design combines elegance with entertainment. The 4K TV features full array backlighting with up to 64 Active LED Zones, the next generation in clarity and color. The lighting is more even with this television, making the difference between edge-lit and halogen televisions.

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4. INSIGNIA NS-70DF710NA21 70-inch Smart TV

Insignia 70-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV (NS-70DF710NA21, 2020 Model)

Get instant access to your favorite streaming channels and over-the-air TV with Fire TV. That’s because INSIGNIA smart TVs include a revolutionary new feature that gives you instant access to your favorite entertainment like never before. INSIGNIA by Amazon provides a seamless experience on your home screen, connecting live broadcasts and over 20,000 streaming channels all in one place. Additionally, the detail of your favorite movies and shows will be transmitted at four times the resolution of Full HD with our 4K Ultra HD display.

This 70-inch TV from INSIGNIA features voice control, streaming services, and a voice remote for a more enjoyable home entertainment experience. Using your voice, you can control your home entertainment system and control channels, streaming services, and more. Using an Amazon Echo allows you to control the device hands-free. This Insignia TV can provide endless entertainment, from thousands of movies and shows with Netflix and Hulu to live sports for free where they are offered.

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5. VIZIO 70-Inch M6 Series Premium 4K UHD Smart TV

VIZIO 70-Inch M6 Series Premium 4K UHD Quantum Color LED HDR Smart TV with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast Built-in, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDMI 2.1, Variable Refresh Rate, M70Q6-J03, 2021 Model

Thanks to the stitching and diamond-cut bevels, these elegant TVs are wrapped in a stunning frame that is just as breathtaking to look at as it is to touch. Your favorite entertainment is at the click of a button with Dolby Vision HDR for richer contrast and color than you’ve ever seen before. Get the most from your television with M6-series TV’s incredible brightness, contrast, and color that will take your viewing experience to the next level. We welcome you to the VIZIO family.

Discover the perfect picture in every pixel. Vizio’s Full-Array LED backlighting distributes LEDs evenly across the entire screen for superior light uniformity and picture quality. We offer 12 Active LED Zones that create vivid, rich black levels that bring out the best in any content 4K Upscaling Engine. This smart engine will upscale your favorite HD content to 4K Ultra HD by recognizing the native resolution of the source and scaling it up. The result is a far more detailed, crisper picture than you could previously envision in HD.

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6. SAMSUNG 70-inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV

SAMSUNG 70-inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV | Crystal UHD - 4K HDR - with Alexa Built-in | UN70TU7000FXZA, 2020 Model

There are more ways to enjoy this Samsung TU-7000 Series Smart TV than any other TV on the market, and unlike other sets it allows you to stream content from your favorite devices. Scene by scene, the picture quality will impress you with 450 nits of brightness for whites and 6,000 nits for deeper blacks. Additionally, the screen is large and easily seen from multiple vantage points. Many images and videos will look exactly as the creator intended, as it provides great color accuracy. The TV can be paired with other Samsung devices that offer you great entertainment options such as HBO Go and YouTube. The TV also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for quick one-touch access.

A 70-inch Samsung Smart TV combines powerful technology with a stunning 4K picture to create the ideal home entertainment experience. This fast processor gives you instant access to streaming and lives TV, and a number of features add convenience and variety to your viewing experience. Note that you will need a High Speed Internet connection with a minimum of 15 Mbps for streaming 4K and High Definition content. Ensure that your TV is HD or higher resolution with an HDMI cable that supports HDCP 2.2 (required for protected content).

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7. Samsung QN70Q60AA 70 Inch QLED 4K Smart TV

SAMSUNG 70-inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV | Crystal UHD - 4K HDR - with Alexa Built-in | UN70TU7000FXZA, 2020 Model

Samsung’s QE70Q60 with stunning images and immersive audio will keep you on the edge of your seat. With 4K, you’ll have four times the resolution of Full HD, so you’ll see incredible clarity and detail regardless of what you’re watching or playing. Active Crystal Color technology from Samsung allows you to experience 100% color volume and bright colors. If you want to stream videos, play games, or watch your favorite movies and shows, this large 4K UHD TV will turn your living room into an entertainment center.

Featuring the latest display technology, the Samsung Q70 Q6F Flat Smart TV lets you watch your favorite shows in stunning 4K clarity, four times clearer than Full HD. Due to its impressive backlight, it has an ultra-thin design that’s almost frameless, so it’ll look great in any room and fit seamlessly with other Samsung products. A Universal Guide allows easy access to all your favorite content with just a search.  There are other smart features to facilitate set-up, including auto-detect wireless connections.

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Here is a Guide to Buying the Best 70″ TV

Best 70" TV


When you purchase a TV, you should consider the resolution and the number of pixels that make up every image. A sharper image will have more pixels. Better pictures are the result of that. The 720p (1280 by 720) resolution used to be the standard for flat-screen TVs. However, 1080p and 4K resolution are now the norms due to their prominence. 720p TVs are still available, but there is little reason to buy one unless they are very inexpensive. DUE TO ITS LIMITATIONS, a TV with 720p can’t be bigger than 39 inches. Shop for it only if you need a second TV for a student’s room or if you need something cheap.


It isn’t as difficult as it may seem to determine what size television you should buy.

To determine what size television to buy, you must choose your desired resolution. Calculate how far you will be sitting from the TV (or use an online calculator). Divide the TV’s measurement (in inches) by 1.4 before you purchase it. The distance from your sofa to your planned location for the television would be 68.57 feet, for instance, if it’s 8 feet from where you want it. You would go with a 70-inch TV since there are no 68.57-inch TVs. Since the 1080p screen has a lower resolution, you’ll need to sit farther away (or buy a smaller screen). If you are viewing from a distance of two feet, divide it by two to determine the size of your 1080p TV. The TV you would get would probably be 50 inches if the viewing distance were 8 feet. The TV needs to be the right size to provide optimum viewing, so it will not make much difference no matter what size TV you buy.

LEDs and QLEDs

Other features will impact your viewing experience, as well as resolution and size when it comes to purchasing a television. LED screens are the most common (or LCD screens with LED lighting). These TVs use LEDs to backlight parts of the screen. This makes obtaining true blacks increasingly difficult without affecting adjacent screens. A TV with OLED technology has individual pixels dimmed individually to get a true black. The brightest white will then be divided by the darkest black, which means it will always remain infinitely contrasted (another important indicator of picture quality).


It would be best if you also looked for HDR, as it will increase the quality of your pictures. An HDR TV is a television that uses all those pixels to deliver the best quality possible. The whites and blacks will be brighter and the color range will be wider. There are several types of HDR, including HDR10 and HDR10+, each with superior picture quality.

Refresh Rate

TVs refresh their images every couple of seconds. So, if the refresh rate is high, the viewing will be smoother. Watching TV or movies at a conventional 60Hz rate will suffice. Gaming on your TV will be smoother if you use a 120Hz refresh rate.

Streaming Smart TV

To stream videos, you’ll need to be able to connect your TV to a WiFi network unless you plan on simply connecting to a cable provider or using an antenna to view local broadcasts. Today’s TVs have good streaming capabilities that are easy to use. Whenever you purchase a TV, make sure that it supports the streaming services you enjoy.

Today, many TVs come with built-in smart features such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, which are nice because they make it easy to control the TV with your voice.


Whenever you plan to attach anything to your TV, you’ll want to be sure that it has enough ports (HDMI, USB, optical), as well as enough of the ports you will need. The location of the company might also be a factor. Most TVs have HDMI inputs on both the side and back, which can be helpful.


Even if you’re not planning to purchase any additional accessories, you should consider listening to the TV’s audio.

Most televisions come with surround sound, which gives you a more immersive experience, and some have Dolby Atmos, which adjusts the sound for a spatial relationship with the picture.


Many well-known companies make tVs. Each one of these companies enjoys a deservedly solid reputation. However, do not overlook TCL and other up-and-coming companies such as VIZIO and Hisense. Due to a lack of name recognition, you will get more TV for your dollar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a 4K TV Better Than HDTV?

As for my opinion, yes (but to be fair, if you get a new TV, whatever you think of it, it’s yours).

4K and Ultra HD displays have resolutions four times higher than Full HD, at 3840×2160. Content on these displays requires more bandwidth and storage space since they provide a more detailed picture. In addition to 4K TVs that are good at upscaling HD content to Ultra HD, there is now a wide variety of native 4K content available via various sources.

Can I Choose From an Abundance of TV Displays?

Electricity is passed through an emissive, electroluminescent film to illuminate OLED TVs (organic light emitting diode). Color and contrast are enhanced, and screens can also be thin and flexible by using this technique. The only OLED screens offered by mainstream TV manufacturers are from LG Display.

Is it Necessary to Have a lot of HDMI Ports?

If you plan on connecting a set-top box, video games console, Blu-ray player, as well as a media streaming device to your living room TV, then you should have four HDMI inputs.


Best 70″ tv is a great size for almost any room. With the right TV mount, you can enjoy your favorite shows from anywhere in the house without having to worry about excessive cords or cables. In fact, with a wall-mounted TV and some creative furniture placement, you may be able to get rid of that clunky entertainment center altogether! Let our experts help you choose the perfect model for your space to have more living space today.

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