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Valuable data loss is the dire concern which paved the way for cloud storage service. In this age of paper-free world where information lives in chunks of bytes, there grows need to store colossal information in order to retrieve it at one’s convenience. The technological advancement has bred cutting-edge technology and brought various cloud service providers in neck-to-neck competition. Smartphones have further made it easier to access the data through applications of the cloud storage service. Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive are the leading cloud storage services which deserve vivid illustration to get acquainted with their features and their compatibility with smartphones.

best cloud storage service for android


With its elegant features, Dropbox offers plenty of options to navigate the application. The compatibility of this app with smartphones is equally well. As compared to other cloud storage application Dropbox is supported by more operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, KindleFire. Initially, it offers 2GB space to its user but it can be scaled up to 1TB at the cost of 2.99$/month. The drawback of this app is that it disables user to delete the file. However, same can be accomplished through a browser. In addition, it doesn’t provide control to the user to display the file in a customized manner. It occupies less space than other applications. It uses SSL protocol to keep the files encrypted for security concerns. Consequently, its security remains little vulnerable. This makes it fragile in security domain and prone to counterfeiting issues.

Google Drive

Magnanimous in its design and features, this app contains auto-segregation algorithm which sifts out photos from among the files and keeps them in another folder. Additionally, it keeps a history of changes in a file. Offering 15GB free space to its users, Google Drive incorporates file syncing which links-up the files from the desktop or any folder of the smartphone to cloud storage for backup. The Microsoft Office suite is embedded in it to create, edit and save files in that format. It supports less number of operating systems as compared with Dropbox such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Google Drive incorporates most secure protocol to keep the data encrypted and less likely prone to intruders’ attacks. One of the mesmerizing qualities of this app is it allows the user to snap the document and convert it into text via its algorithm.

One Drive

Formerly known as Sky Drive it is the product of Microsoft Corporation. The application enables the user to edit documents online in Word, spreadsheets, presentations and etcetera. Smartphones with Windows operating system have this built-in application. It provides 5GB free space. Being brand-oriented application, it might be compatible with few operating systems of smartphones such as Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry. Owing to its built-in sharing system, it’s pretty difficult to share the files. This is one of its drawbacks often claimed by its frequent users. One Drive has got resilient and crash encounter tendencies. Which makes it less vulnerable to counterfeiting issues.


The cross-comparison and review as aforementioned make it convenient for the users to choose the app of their choice. Google Drive leads in offering massive tiers of storage and unmatched encryption. One Drive gives seamless file syncing service with tremendous storage and data security. While Dropbox provides least storage space and pretty vulnerable for compromising privacy checks. Subsequently, it becomes obvious to say that Google Drive relishes the pinnacle of being in the top slot, followed by OneDrive.

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