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From the patio to the living room to the home office, we recommend that you choose portable and versatile floor fans all over the home. With these lightweight, powerful fans, you can save on energy costs without blasting the air conditioning when it gets hot. Fans consisting of square boxes and circular air circulators are the two most popular types.

Some floor fans feature rubberized feet for extra protection on hardwoods and other surfaces. In addition to tilting for direct airflow, these fans also have a variety of speed settings. In addition to bedrooms, several floor fans are suitable for medium and small indoor spaces. The powerful ones can cool oversized areas such as the great room, the backyard kitchen, or the garage. The following article provides tips on buying a floor fan and describes some great floor fan models.

Our Favorite Best Floor Fan

Top 10 BestFloor Fan Reviews- 2022

1. Designer Aire Oscillating Standing Floor Fan

Designer Aire Oscillating Indoor/Outdoor Standing Floor Fan for Cooling Your Area Fast - 3-Speeds, Adjustable 40-51 Inches in Height, Fits Your Home Decor

The Designer Aire Oscillating Standing Floor Fan is the perfect combination of new technology and old-school luxury. This oscillating standing floor fan has an adjustable height from 40” to 51” and three adjustable speed settings. It comes with an 18” oscillating fan head that tilts for a wide area coverage for maximum cooling. Its 45-watt motor packs a punch for cooling your room fast. Its Hi setting can run at 1280 rpm, while it’s Low setting runs at 900 rpm and the Medium setting runs at 1100 rpm. You can tilt the fan head up to 12 degrees and down to 8 degrees, so you can direct airflow wherever you want it. The blades consist of hard plastic material, so they are durable as well as energy-efficient. The base consists of metal with a high/low level switch, which gives you easy access to turn the base on or off without bending over or reaching down. The heat resistant floor pad on the bottom helps protect your floors from heat damage when using the fan in high temperatures.

During the summer months, there’s nothing more soothing than the gentle breeze of an oscillating standing fan. Our sleek and shiny, All-Weather Oscillating Standing Floor Fan is not only gorgeous but incredibly powerful. Our Wet-Listed Safety Rating and GFCI plug ensure that it’s 100% safe for you and your family. With patent-pending adjustable mounting brackets, you can adjust the height within a three foot range to meet your specific needs. You can enjoy years of cooling comfort with this fan, which is guaranteed quality and comes with an 18-month artistry warranty.

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2. Designer Aire Oscillating Standing Floor Fan

Designer Aire Oscillating Indoor/Outdoor Standing Floor Fan for Cooling Your Area Fast - 3-Speeds, Adjustable 40-51 Inches in Height, Fits Your Home Decor

The Adjustable and Flexible Oscillating Fan is a must-have for any household. Perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, living rooms, bedrooms and more.

The fan head has been designed with a flexible tilt to cover a large area to keep you cool effectively. As the neck of the chair can adjust to any height between 40 and 51 inches, you can find the correct angle to fit your needs. There are three speeds on this unit and the motor is 45 watts, which is powerful enough to cool the area quickly.

There’s nothing like the summer breeze, especially in a hot and humid climate such as ours. Our sleek, shiny All-weather standing floor fan comes with an adjustable height that allows for more flexibility for any home décor style. Wet listed for your convenience, our floor fan comes with a GFCI plug that is 100% safe for you and your family. This is a true testament to the quality put into this product.

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3. Deco Breeze Oscillating Standing Floor Fan

Oscillating Standing Floor Fan - Whisper Quiet Cooling Pedestal Fan, Adjustable 37-49 Inches Height, Large 16” Indoor Pedestal Fan for Your Bedroom, Office, Shop, House (Black Pearl) (Copper)

Enjoy the gentle breeze of this oscillating stand fan. Whether you’re chilling in the living room, napping on the porch, or working in an office, you can’t help but feel cool and comfortable. The telescoping neck allows you to position the fan at any height from 37-48 inches. It tilts 15 degrees for maximum coverage and oscillates right or left so you can get that cool breeze just where you need it. Unlike other standing fans, it’s whisper quiet, so no one will ever know if you turn it on during your house party again.

This faithful fan has a stylish design and multiple functionalities. As you stand in front of the Deco Breeze 32-inch oscillating standing fan, it’s hard not to be impressed by its sleek stainless steel frame and contemporary styled grill. Manual control can be used to adjust the oscillation speed of the Deco Breeze Oscillating Standing Fan; the fan automatically alternates between the left and right sides. The adjustable head pivots up and down 90 degrees in accordance with the user’s preference and offers three oscillation options: wide, medium, and narrow.

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4. Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan-Black, HYF290B

Summer sizzles, but it doesn’t have to roast. The Honeywell QuietSet whole room tower fan offers the perfect solution in various sizes with whisper-quiet performance. Program up to 7 time settings and choose from 3 speeds that can be adjusted by touch controls on the tower, letting you decide what’s best for your comfort. It’s stylish, the space-saving design keeps air circulating all around the room to help keep you cool any time of day or night.

The QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan is just what you need to help circulate air throughout the room in your home or office. Get quality air movement and noise reduction you can rely on with the Honeywell HYF290B QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan ―and its swivel front panel helps direct airflow downward where it’s needed most. This whisper-quiet fan includes a convenient remote control so that you can even adjust its settings in mid-air. It’s also simple to set up. All you’ll need to do is attach the base to the fan and plug it in. This fan has an unobtrusive tower design, so it blends with any room decor without being obtrusive.

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5. B-Air FIRTANA-20X High Velocity Home Floor Fan

B-Air Firtana-20X Multipurpose High Velocity Fan - 20 inch Floor Fan

It’s a 20-inch fan with the capacity to move air to the tune of 1,300 cubic feet per minute without causing any disruptions to activities taking place around it. Its compact size means it’s easy to transport and store in tight spaces. With optional oscillation, you can adjust the airflow direction on each fan and stay cool when working, shopping, or sleeping. In any environment, whether you are working with machinery in a large shop, warehouse or just enjoying a beverage on your patio after work, this 20-inch fan will provide adequate cooling. The patented WhisperWind™ motor reduces noise levels making it even more comfortable during those hot summer days.

The B-Air FIRTANA-20X Floor/Wall Fan has a high velocity fan with 3 speeds with an adjustable tilt feature that gives you the airflow you need in the comfort of your own home. Attach the handle and use it as a floor fan, or simply tilt the handle up against the wall to install it as a wall mounted fan. This fan is UL certified for safety and keeps your room cool during those hot summer days when you just can’t be bothered to turn on the air conditioner.

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6. Hurricane Floor Fan

Hurricane Floor Fan - 20 Inch, Pro Series, High Velocity, Heavy Duty Metal Floor Fan for Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Greenhouse Use - ETL Listed, Black

Hurricane Pro 20 Inch High Velocity Metal Floor Fan is perfect for home, greenhouse, gym, garage, workshop, workshop walls, and other areas. If fumes or stagnant air needs to escape, a heavy duty portable fan comes in handy. This product is suitable for drying paint and curing concrete, keeping you cool in the summer heat, removing smoke from a fire, or removing carbon monoxide build-up from large areas, including hot shops, warehouses, or greenhouses.

The Hurricane floor fan is ETL certified, meaning it has passed the highest safety requirements in the industry. Its grill housing is equipped with a handle to easily move it from room to room or place it beneath a desk for comfort. Its industrial-grade motor will keep you cool for hours, with high and low speed settings that you can control via a rotary knob. The Hurricane floor fan is ETL listed for quality and safety in North America.

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7. Kelmar Oscillating Standing Floor Fans

Oscillating Fan with Remote, Standing Floor Fans for Home Bedroom,16' Blade with 3 Wind 12 Speed Levels 18-Hour Timer, Adjustable Height, Cooling Office Use, Black

No matter what the season, you can never have too much air circulating in your home. Our standing floor fan circulates a broad, steady stream of air in any room to keep your guests and family members fresh and comfortable. Available in black or silver (colors may vary depending on availability), each fan stands 74 inches tall and features a dual blade design that emits more powerful airflow than other fans. Choose from 3 speeds to regulate the volume of cool air to your exact preference. You’ll find 85 degrees of oscillation is a breeze for anyone in a room with the fan running – just sit back and enjoy the sound of the airflow. This fan comes with a steady base for convenient use near desks, sofa corners, bedside tables, or kitchen islands for simple maneuverability.

Give yourself room to enjoy the comfort with a floor fan that oscillates 90° vertically and 45° horizontally. The Kelmar oscillating standing floor fan includes a remote control and a programmable timer allowing you to set it at any time when you’re away. If you’re reading, studying or doing daily activities, the Kelmar oscillating standing floor fan will provide you with maximum comfort. With three wind modes (Normal, Nature, and Sleep), 12 speeds on Normal, and three speeds on Nature and Sleep, the device offers a variety of wind speeds.

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8. Antarctic Star Oscillating Bladeless Floor Fans

Antarctic Star Tower Fan 360°Oscillating Fan Quiet Cooling 24H Timer Remote Control Powerful Standing 8 Wind Speed 3 Wind Modes Bladeless Floor Fans Portable LED Display,Bedroom Office 59-Inch green

The Antarctic Star is the ultimate fan until you’ve seen it! This sleek, slim, and stylish tower fan uses jet-engine technology to keep your room cool without making a sound! There are eight different airflow directions in the 3D wave-shaped grille to help circulate cool air in any corner of the room, even if it’s just you on a hot summer night. The Antarctic Star comes with 8 speeds and 3 operation modes: 1:Normal Mode 2:Cooling Mode 3:Oscillate Mode With its remote control system, useful LED indicators for operation modes and timer. The Antarctic Star becomes a comfortable cooling solution and a great decorative ornament in any room of your house.

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a beautiful design that still operates at very low noise levels. With a 360° wide angle oscillation function, this tower floor fan will ventilate the air in your room quickly. Style and modern design would become a great decoration in your modern home without taking too much space. Now you can have the comfort of air conditioning throughout the year by simply placing it in any room.

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9. Antarctic Star Oscillating Bladeless Floor Fans

Antarctic Star Tower Fan Oscillating Fan Quiet Cooling Remote Control Powerful Standing 3 Speeds Wind Modes Bladeless Floor Fans Portable Bladeless Fan for Children Office Kitchen Bedroon (White)

Sometimes, turning on the air conditioner can get messy and take too long to cool down the temperature in your home. It is time for you to give the Antarctic Star cooling fan a try! In just 3 seconds, this oscillating tower fan could work well in lowering down your application. Actually, it is a quiet room fan designed to cool down the temperature in a quiet manner. Moreover, this small but smart fan will bring you many wonderful functions such as 3-speed settings, 3 operation modes, and more. Do not hesitate to get one to add your small home appliances or office supplies with its high quality and large scale benefits.

The slim design of this tower floor fan has an adjustable height of up to 71cm, and oscillates both left and right to spread cool air through 360° front wide angle. It’s suitable for many rooms and needs powerful wind to blow across the room. It is also a welcome addition to your bedroom, study, office or living room as its compact size takes up less floor space while still delivering high performance with its quiet operation.

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10. Simple Deluxe 18 Inch Pedestal Standing Fan

Simple Deluxe 18 Inch Pedestal Standing Fan, High Velocity, Heavy Duty Metal For Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Greenhouse Use, 2- Pack, Black

Homey and strong, our Deluxe Pedestal Standing Fan is a must-have in your home. We use a heavy duty 3-speed motor and 18″ big round fan blades to create a powerful airflow that makes you feel cool and refreshed. You can extend the height of the legs and tilt the head to change the airflow direction. The pedestal base is made of durable steel and comes with rolling wheels for easy movement around the house, whether it’s across the living room or down a corridor.

Protect your fingers from fan blades with the Simple Deluxe 18-inch Pedestal Standing Fan. The innovative pedestal design provides more cooling than a regular fan while keeping fingers safe. Its large 18″ diameter blades provide enough airflow for multiple users at once, making it an excellent choice for an office or warehouse setting. This fan includes a footswitch for convenient on-off operation and comes in a sturdy steel frame with a deluxe removable verse paint finish. It’s also UL listed so you are assured of quality when buying this pedestal standing fan.

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Features to Look Before Buying the Best Floor Fan

best floor fan

Each model of floor fan offers a unique feature or advantage. Consider the size and usage of the room before choosing a floor fan. You can then pick your preferred size, shape, design, cooling power, oscillation mode, speed setting, management settings, and noise level.


The average floor fan is 20 inches wide, although they vary in size (typically 12-24 inches). Fan weight is affected by several factors, including its dimensions and features. The weight of floor fans is about 10 to 15 pounds, making them easy to move. Light and small floor fans are available in the two to five pound weight range. A floor fan in the industrial sector typically weighs more than 30 pounds.

Cooling Power

CFM is measured as the amount of air being cooled per minute by a fan. The amount of air moved by a fan per minute is measured by this value. By design, motor size, construction, and blade type. The CFM value of higher ceiling fans should be considered for large areas with a need for a lot of air movement (great rooms, greenhouses, garages).


Unlike conventional box fans, oscillating fans have blades that rotate to maintain greater air circulation from the side to the back. Good air coverage is usually achieved by oscillators rotating 180 degrees. The blades of some models can rotate 360 degrees. Depending on your needs, you can find fans with pivoting hubs, so you can direct air exactly where it’s needed. By pushing a button, you can switch between oscillating and standard fans.

Speed Settings

A variety of floor fans offer the option of choosing an appropriate speed for various applications. Most have three speeds. Low temperatures are appropriate for light breezes. Strong breezes occur when air flows at high speed. Turning the rotary dial on the front or back of most fans allows you to change the speed easily.

Remote Control

With remote control for some floor fans, you can change the airflow settings without directly accessing the device. Remote controls also can be set to turn off automatically.

Noise Level

Fan motors cause noise since they operate with blades and motors. The quietest floor fan is, however, available. You can do so by checking the decibel levels (dB). Similarly, an unplugged restaurant or power mower will make about 80 decibels of sound, while a normal conversation will generate about 60 decibels. Some floor fans advertise with their decibel rating (dB). When choosing a personal fan, look at the CFMs as well as how much air it will move per minute, especially if the room needs to be cooled.

To ensure a great cooling experience, you should aim for 1000 CFM or more. The CFM rate of a floor fan is in no way indicative of poor performance, but it is suitable for small rooms.

FAQs: Best Floor Fan

You can find the answers to some frequently asked questions about floor fans here. When searching for the best floor fan for your home, remember these helpful FAQs.

What is a Floor Fan?

Although some fans have mounting options, a floor fan usually stands on the ground. An electrical outlet or a battery powers its rotating blades.

Where is the Best Place to Set a Floor Fan for Maximum Airflow?

If it is facing an opposite wall, the floor fan should be facing that wall. During the day, the wall allows cool air to bounce off and enter the room. A fan’s effectiveness will increase if you don’t block its path with large objects.

What is the Difference Between Floor and Tower Fans?

Low-lying floor fans provide greater airflow output and can circulate air inside large spaces due to their large blades. The tall and narrow design of tower fans makes them suitable for smaller rooms despite their lower power. As well as being quieter, ceiling fans are also usually more energy efficient than floor fans.

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that if you are searching for a floor fan, it will be a big decision for you. These are ideal for many different circumstances because they typically offer oscillation as well as variable speeds. That means that you can control the direction of airflow and its intensity of it. Add to all of that the fact that these will take up minimal space and won’t be nearly as distracting or disruptive as some fans and you have an excellent choice for cooling down your home in the summer months.

The selections can often feel overwhelming with so many floor fans to choose from there. Hopefully, our comparison of these models will help you make a more informed decision about buying the Best Floor Fan as your needs. And if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the space provided below.

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