Best Holster For Beretta 92FS

As one of Beretta’s full-size pistols, the 92FS is known for its superior tactical abilities. In addition to police and military, civilians use it as well. It nonetheless makes an excellent hunting weapon. During a hiking trip, hunting, or defending yourself and your family, the small recoil and quick-firing cycle make them ideal. The Beretta 92FS is a useful gun that needs an excellent holster, so we put together this list of the best ones available.

The only exception to this tendency is this holster, which is made of Kydex. You will find out which of these five was our favorite at the end of this review. Those with holsters used outside the belt, especially full-sized handguns, should pay particular attention to retention. There are a variety of fantastic internet-based solutions that can suit your needs.

Our 5 Favorite Holster for Beretta 92FS

Reviews of the Best Holsters for Beretta 92FS

1. Beretta 92FS OWB Holster from TEGE 

OWB Holster for Beretta 92 92FS 92S 92G M9 M9_22, Tactical Outside Waistband Open Carry Paddle Belt Holster with Release Button 60° Adjustable Cant, Right-Handed

OWB holsters and accessories are available for the Beretta 92FS, Compact 92S, Centurion M9, and Compact Taurus pistols, and they offer a high level of compatibility and fit.

Upon holstering your weapon into this holster, a unique audible click goes off in order to ensure your safety. Re-holstering it using a fingertip is also possible.

Furthermore, the polymer material in this holster is waterproof and does not require any maintenance. Furthermore, this holster can handle tough situations. This will ensure a secure grip as well as a rapid and barrier-free grip.

The holster also has a 60-degree adjustable cant, making it very easy and ergonomic to use. Under the clothing, it seals the weapon, and the fitting can be adjusted according to requirements. As such, it is rare to find this feature in any duty holster offered by this company.

Key Features

  • The retention rate of 100%
  • High-quality materials & exclusive design
  • Secures a firm grip with no-huddle
  • Can be adjusted

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2. Holster designed for the Beretta 92FS by CYTAC

CYTAC OWB Holster for Beretta 92 92FS 96FS / M9 / GSG92 / Girsan Regard MC( No Rail ) - Index Finger Released | Adjustable Cant | Autolock | Outside Waistband | Right Handed

The products offered by CYTAC are known for their high compatibility with almost all weapons. Besides, the holster is compatible with Beretta 92 and 92FS, 96 and 96FS, Centurion, compact, full size, Inox, 92 elite, etc. This holster fits most Beretta guns.

Level II retention and high safety measurements are provided in this holster. The weapon is automatically locked once it is holstered. Additional features make the weapon easier to retain. Long barrels are completely eliminated.

Moreover, the polymer material of this holster has been upgraded to increase its smoothness and thickness.

A concealed button and skid-proof stripes along with an interior screw keep the surface smooth and reduce the risk of the pistol falling off.

Its most important feature is its 360° Omni-directional tooth gear. Heavy-duty users find it very convenient and temperature-friendly. The best leather holster for Beretta 92FS is distinguished by its ability to distinguish itself from others.

Key Features

  • Compatible & durable
  • Temperature-friendly & easy to carry
  • The design is thick and smooth
  • Ensures the weapon will not fall

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3. Beretta 92FS Holster with HQDA

HQDA Beretta 92 92FS INOX M9 M922 Holster,Taurus PT92 OWB Holster Tactical Outside Waistband Belt Clip Holster Holder,Right-Handed

Holsters are compact and have all the measurements one should find in a holster. Holsters have fast auto-lock systems that lock weapons automatically and secure them tightly. Among the features of the holster is the ability to adjust the carrying angle with either an Allen key or a hex key. With the rotating paddle, the belt angle can be adjusted with the gun outside the waistband.

Almost all Beretta 92 versions are compatible with this holster.

Furthermore, HQDA holsters are constructed from high-quality polymer components, which make them lightweight and compact. Their surface also resists heat, impact, and scratches. The device is designed primarily for use in tactical situations like military, hunting, tracking, law enforcement, etc.

Lastly, this holster features an extremely convenient quick-release button that allows the index finger to be placed perfectly on the trigger to allow for a swift draw. Due to its unique design, this holster stands out among others.

Key Features

  • The quick-release switch enabled onde
  • Retains & locks well
  • Carry-ability & durability
  • A tactical defense system specifically designed for heavy-duty use

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4. 92FS Beretta Holster done by Bedone

OWB Paddle Holster for Beretta 92, Beretta 92FS, GSG92, Taurus PT92, Girsan Regard MC, Open Duty Belt Carry Holster, Tactical Gun Holster, 360° Adjustable & Fast Release - Right Handed

The Bedone holster will prove a lucky charm for the Beretta 92FS if you’re looking for the perfect and best quality holster for the Beretta 92FS. Besides Beretta, this right-handed holster will work well with Taurus, Girvan Regard MC, Beretta 92G, and many other pistols.

As you place the firearm in the holster, an exceptional and integrated Auto-Locking System (ALS) securely locks the weapon in place by instinct, and it grabs the weapon firmly upon then being inserted. A concealed carry holster like this one fits the bill.

Bedone is a premium quality holster because it has a 360-degree adjustable carrying angle. Furthermore, because of its rotating adjustable paddle, it makes it easy to attach and remove it. Additionally, the holster boasts a high level of durability and is easy to operate.

The holster is captivating, with its low-cut design and ergonomic release button, which allows for an easy draw and access to the weapon. It thus makes it the most suitable holster from all the others for the Beretta 92FS.

Key Features

  • Designed to work with Beretta 92FS
  • Quality design with a unique twist
  • Angles and paddles are adjustable
  • Durable and comfortable

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5. ANOKA 92FS Holster

Anka Holster Concealed Carry OWB Gun Holster|for Beretta 92FS|APX|92F|M9|96|Premium Leather|Right Hand|Black or Brown

Our company, Anka Holster, produces premium leather holsters that meet world standards. Holsters are made to fit most guns, and they keep them secure and protected at the same time.

The holster is made out of double-stitched vegetable leather with no chemicals in it.

This leather is free of toxins or allergies since it is tanned with plants. Thus, it preserves its natural properties perfectly.

This holster is made from both high-quality leather and cotton thread. Both materials are 100% cotton. The threads are paired with the leather through double stitching, which provides rich durability.

In addition to these features, this holster keeps the gun protected from excessive sweating and rusting with its vegetable leather construction. The weapon is also transported safely when worn on clothing. The weapon stands out as such.

Key Features

  • Leather holster that’s chemical-free
  • Threading with two stitches
  • Durable & stylish
  • Transports the gun safely

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Holsters for the Beretta 92FS: How to Pick the Best One

Best holster for Beretta 92FS
holster for Beretta 92FS


The holster’s concealment is one of its most prominent features. How would shopping for this holster benefit you if it did not support hidden carry? The best way to keep your weapon secure and safe is to use a concealed carry holster. It is equally important to check the holsters for Springfield XDS weapons.


The material with which the holster is constructed is another essential aspect. The most durable and long-lasting holsters are those made from polymer and military-grade materials. Their convenience is also unbeatable.

A vegetable holster that’s chemical-free is also available, as well as a leather concealed carry holster. Your gun will feel extremely secure in a leather holster. Here are some additional suggestions: CZ 75 Holster.


Manufacturers should use premium-quality, robust and sturdy materials in their holsters. The holster retention access should be correct and the cants should be adjustable. You can also choose inside or outside-the-waistband holsters that come with top-quality auto-locking systems.


To pick the right holster, you need to make sure that it is comfortable and performs well. A good holster will be one that feels easy to grasp and carry. The finger grip feature should be avoided. A fast draw should be made as simple as possible with automatic locking.


In addition, the holster’s compatibility cannot be compromised. Choose holsters made of materials that will serve glorious quality and protect your weapon from injury. The holster should be sturdy, and suitable for all Beretta models.


Which Beretta holster is the best?

You get a lot for your money with this holster. With just a large t-shirt, I could conceal my weapon right out of the box. With my Beretta 92, I can fire smoothly, keep a full grip prior to drawing, and not worry about it slipping or stopping. I’ve never worn a concealment holster so comfortable.

What holster will fit the Girvan regard?

With a high-tech polymer construction, the OWB holster from Cytac fits each firearm perfectly. This holster can be used to carry the Beretta 92, 92FS, GSG92, and Girvan Regard MC without leaving the waistband. 

How do Beretta 92FS and 92X differ?

According to appearances, the 92X is the Beretta 92FS – and it is no surprise that it shares much of its design with that 92FS. The X is much more than just cosmetic improvements. A huge amount of research and development has gone into developing the 92X pistols.

In Beretta 92FS, what does FS stand for?

Underneath the slide is a grove for the enlarged hammer pin, which fits into the pin. The main purpose of this is to ensure that if the slide cracks, it won’t fly off the frame and crash. According to reports, defective slides were found during US military testing.

Which models of Beretta 92 are there?

Its single front and two dots rear sights are common on most handguns, but the M9’s front sight has a half-circle in the middle and it has a single dot in the front. Beretta’s 92FS pistol is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured in Italy by Beretta.

Final Words

Handling weapons safely and preventing harm is a major responsibility of holsters. Selecting the right one for your gun requires a great deal of caution, however. Your holster should allow you to conceal your weapon and provide excellent performance. Moreover, it must have advanced-quality retention and suitability aspects with varied choices. In order to find the best holster for Beretta 92FS, you must ensure all components regarding your desired holster.

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