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Those people who are constantly on the go will benefit from LG Tone headsets. You can enjoy music, take calls with these Tone headsets while doing other things, as the headset lets you do both. In order to complement the classy design and allow for easy control, both call and play buttons are placed on the top of the phone.

You can control the music volume and skip tracks by using LG’s navigation buttons, a feature of their wireless tone headsets. You can move quickly while wearing this headset, thanks to its durable and lightweight design. Now you can talk on the phone while driving and listen to music at the same time.

Our Favorite Best LG Tone Headset

Top 5 Best LG Headset Reviews

1. LG Tone HBS-780 Pro Wireless Stereo Headset

LG TONE PRO HBS-780 Wireless Stereo Headset - Black (Renewed)

While connected to your music and social life, you can stay comfortable with this LG Tone HBS-780 Pro headset because it has a slim body with a captivating look. It can easily be carried along on business trips or when attending social events thanks to its lightweight construction.

HBS-780’s magnetic earbuds are concealed and therefore secured with this design. Additionally, it contains an advanced quad-layer speaker which provides excellent sound quality with well-balanced sounds for all bands included. There are fewer distortions with balanced audio. The HBS-780 MEMs dual microphone technology will offer you more than two hours of recharge time and will provide you with clear audio and well-defined call quality.

In addition to providing smart user experiences, the app also gives users the ability to record voice memos and view voice recalls for the purpose of recording voice memos. This phone provides users with a number of useful features, including voice reminders, Find-Me, and tone-and-talk. The device is capable of running for up to 720 hours on standby.


  • A dual MEM microphone ensures clear voice transmission
  • A standby time of 720 hours is possible
  • Integrated magnets in the earbuds
  • Switches and jog buttons


  • When the volume is high, the sound may distort

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2. LG Tone Bluetooth HBS-835S Stereo Wireless Headset

LG Tone Ultra Se Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds Tuned by JBL (HBS-835S) - Black

It weighs only 1.4 ounces and is versatile and lightweight. The neckband design of these earbuds enables them to be worn comfortably around your neck, giving the impression of a stylish and sophisticated look. There is also an external mono speaker included in the device, so you can enjoy some fresh music and make clear calls with clear sound. It provides a signature sound that is exclusive to JBL with its HBS-835s. Consequently, the acoustic performance will be excellent.

Furthermore, it has a lightweight design that allows for maximum functions as well as a sleek appearance. A personalized and comfortable fit is possible with its intuitive wire management.

Aside from the speaker, it features a quad-layer design and enabled audio with a well-balanced audio signature with the minimum amount of distortion. The device is equipped with a control panel with switches that allow you to smooth out the music and phone calls.


  • Contains less distortion and well-balanced audio
  • Sound signature of JBL
  • Elegant and lightweight design
  • Offers outstanding acoustics


  • Those with retractable earbuds may find it difficult to adjust them

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3. LG Tone HBS-SL5 Wireless Meridian Audio Headset

LG Tone Style HBS-SL5 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds Tuned by Meridian Audio

With Meridian audio technology, this LG Tone HBS-SL5 Tone headset will offer a high-performance audio experience with advanced solutions to quality issues surrounding the use of a laptop and mobile devices. The speaker delivers an amazingly bright and clear sound with well-balanced tones. This is due to its use of multi-layer metal units, which is a contributing factor to both low and high performance.

In contrast, the treble will be made more accurate thanks to the metal layer, while deep bass will be brought out by the high-strength plastic layer. There are two microphones on this device which enables it to pick up your voice clearly and allow you to make clear phone calls with this device. Features eight hours of music playback, eight-hour talkback, and 18-day standby.

Also, the HBS-SL5 battery has a short charging time, which means that three hours of operation can be obtained in just 10 minutes after a low battery. A prompt appears on your smartphone when you pair your smartphone to Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also gives you a vibration alert when you receive a call or text. In order to retract an earbud, you should pull it out with the intention of extending and retracting it to ensure that it is securely stored.  


  • Dual microphones are included
  • The earbuds retract when not in use
  • Charging quickly
  • The unit consists of multiple layers.
    Vibrates to alert the user


  • Has no refund policy or back-up warranty

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4. LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 Wireless Stereo Headset

LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds with 32-Bit Hifi DAC Tune by Meridian Audio, Black

LG’s HBS-XL7 Flex model offers a crystal-clear voice, which makes hands-free communication possible. These earbuds come with retractable construction and can be configured and adjusted to fit comfortably with intuitive wire management. The rounded surface and sleek design, resulting in a comfortable and secure way to keep it around your neck throughout the day, make it one of the most convenient and secure necks rings on the market. Harman Kardon is renowned for its signature sound performance, with a crisp, clear high range and rich bass. While I’m running and jogging, I really enjoy listening to music.

A quad-layer speaker technology coupled with a dual mems microphone, paired together with advanced quad-layer speaker technology, will help you enjoy clear, strong bass, and crisp treble with less distortion. A sophisticated Bluetooth 4.1 device that supports different Bluetooth profiles such as AVRCP, A2DP, HFP, and HSP, armed with 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity.

There will be an 8-hour talk time. The music will be played for 8 hours. There will be an 18 days standby period. For a 3 hour use, 10 minutes of charging are required. The iPhone includes an interface that makes it easy for you to play music, control music streaming, and make phone calls, all with a simple drag-and-drop gesture.


  • The design of this product is sleek and lightweight
  • Battery is integrated into the device
  • Provides support for multiple Bluetooth profiles
  • Designed to manage wires retractably


  • The range of calls is short

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5. LG TONE PLATINUM HBS-1100 Wireless Tone Headset

LG TONE PLATINUM HBS-1100 - Premium Wireless Stereo Headset - Black

A Harman Kardon platinum sound is present in the LG Tone HBS-1100 Tone headset, which has been specially tuned for excellent audio performance and is completely compatible with music players. Enhances a balanced sound experience along with a rich bass response.

There is also an integrated hybrid speaker for high-quality audio playback with clear treble and strong bass. With Google Assistant, you are able to set up events on your calendar, make calls, and set more events with your voice. Google Assistant has push-to-talk capability that allows you to make calls, make appointments, and arrange events. Dual mems microphones are also integrated into this telephone, helping to provide a clear voice during phone calls.

It is equipped with Qualcomm aptX, which takes care of high-quality streaming music when used with LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth headphones. A recent development in speaker technology enables smaller and more balanced audio output to be achieved with the brand new quad-layer speakers.

As with any Tone headset, the duration of time spent listening to music is determined by the device paired with the headset.


  • Provides quality audio with strong bass
  • Has dual MEMs microphones
  • Offers access to Google Assistant
  • Has excellent audio performance


  • The retraction process may not be easy
  • Not durable
  • Quite expensive and no backup warranty

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Does the LG Tone headset work with every single type of device?

If the headset is using old software, LG can update the software so that it is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Furthermore, these Tone headsets are not only mostly being used to connect mobile phones and the latest models of laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles, but they can also be used to connect PCs, tablets, and gaming consoles.

LG Tone headsets use what kind of battery?

LG Tone headsets are often equipped with rechargeable batteries that have a long lifespan since they are built into the wireless headsets. There is a long time for calling, music playing, as well as standby time with those companies. Quality batteries are able to keep up with your enjoyment of beautiful music for a very long period of time.


You can enjoy quality music wirelessly or even in the middle of working hours after a long day of hard work using the best LG Tone headsets. You should also do some research on your product of interest before choosing the LG headset product of your choice, as choosing the best one will not be an easy process. In addition to producing high-quality sound, these LG headsets are also able to eliminate unwanted noise, ensuring that they can perfectly pick up your voice.

Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear all day without feeling any weight. More than eight hours of music playback is possible with the inbuilt batteries.

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