Best Metal iPhone 6 Cases

Despite its flaws, the iPhone 6 is a classic that will never go out of style. Because the iPhone 6 is the last to have the treasured headphone jack – and because people have realized that keeping an old phone until the wheels come off is not just acceptable, but often even encouraged – premium cases to preserve the glass and body are in higher demand than ever. The item isn’t appropriate for prolonged smartphone usage due to its thin body and smooth, slippery finish, so it needs to be protected. We’ve put together a selection of the best iPhone 6 and 6s cases and covers for you, whether you’re searching for something attractive, fashionable, or affordable, or whether you’re looking to replace a worn old case.

Our 5 Favorite Metal iPhone 6 Cases

Top 5 Best Metal iPhone 6 Cases

Metal is the material of your iPhone 6. Don’t you think it’s a shame to cover your phone up with a rubber case that’s both clumsy and ugly? In addition to providing rugged protection, a metal iPhone 6 case is elegant and stylish. A lot of great options are available if you like the look of metal cases. How do you choose the best one for you? Below are our five favorite metal cases for iPhone 6.

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1. iGlaze Armour Case for iPhone 6 by Moshi

Moshi iGlaze Armour Aluminum iPhone 6/6s Case - Golden Rose

Our roundup of the best practical iPhone 6 cases and our review of the best privacy-protecting iPhone 6 cases feature Moshi cases. Moshi’s iGlaze Armour case features a slender polycarbonate frame reinforced with an aluminum backplate for strength and durability. If you want your case to match the color of your iPhone, this is the perfect case for you.

We were kindly sent a sample of this case by Moshi, and we have been able to work with it in a hands-on setting. When you want to switch cases or go ‘naked’, you can effortlessly pop the phone out of the case thanks to the soft, flexible button covers. This slim, lightweight case is also very slender and lightweight. My third-party charging cables fit into the large charging cutout on the case with the case on. A nice cutout is visible on the back of the case, which reveals the Apple logo.


  • Black, silver, and bronze colors are available
  • Portable
  • Slimmer profile
  • Buttons with covers
  • Port cutouts are plentiful


  • Costs more than cheap silicone or TPU cases
  • Splashproof but not
  • The ports are not covered
  • If you want to use a charging dock, you will probably need to remove the case
  • Cases made of metal tend to be unpleasantly cold at low temperatures (but this is true regardless of the temperature).

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2. Case for iPhone 6 with Ballistic Jewel

Ballistic, iPhone 6 Case / 6s Case [Jewel Spark] 6ft Drop Test Certified Case Protection [Clear / Green] Reinforced Bumper Cell Phone Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s - Clear / Green

Ballistic provides six-sided drop protection for your iPhone against drops, scrapes, and bumps. With its raised lip and extended corners, this clear case prevents your screen from touching any surface if you lay it flat; in addition, it can withstand a 6-foot drop. A precise cutout on the case allows you to access all buttons, ports, and the camera of your phone. This case style might be a good option for you if you dislike bulky cases but still want some degree of protection for your smartphone. A sample of this case was sent over to us by the team over at Krown. One thing that immediately stands out about it is how lightweight it is. In addition to feeling good in your hand, the aluminum design is light and doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the phone. A soft rubber case frames the phone, with brushed aluminum on the back.

It could be frustrating for some people to see some exposed areas on top and bottom of the case since it doesn’t wrap completely around the phone. You may not like the open button look of this case if you prefer a case with button covers. Everyone has a slightly different idea of what the “perfect” iPhone case is. People who are looking for a rugged case will not be attracted to this case, but those who appreciate beautifully crafted cases will. A lightweight case like this is definitely appealing to someone looking for one, or to anyone who wishes the iPhone 6 came in a variety of colors.


  • Exceptionally light
  • Colors include metallics and brights
  • Warranty/exchange for 30 days
  • Various colors are available, including blue, black, red, and gold
  • Compared to similar cases on the market, this case is less expensive


  • The phone is fully protected from top to bottom by its case
  • There is no wrapping of the case edges around the phone screen, but they sit flush with it
  • Covers for buttons and ports are not present
  • Waterproofing is inadequate
  • It is true that metal cases become unpleasantly cold in cold temperatures (but that is true of any metal case).

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3. Case for iPhone 6 made of aluminum Crowned Element Solace

Element Case iPhone'6 & 6s PLUS' Solace - Gold/Gold Crowns

Are you on the lookout for a metal case that does more than just look good? This cool metal case for the iPhone 6 features reinforced corners and a wallet sleeve accessory to keep your phone safe. Two slots on the sleeves can hold credit cards, IDs, business cards, etc. A polycarbonate frame encases the design, while aluminum buttons and anodized aluminum “crowns” decorate the top and bottom.


  • Options for multiple colors
  • Added material to the corners
  • Cases with rounded edges are easier to hold than straight cases
  • The finish is pleasing to the touch


  • Costly
  • Those looking for an aluminum case may not find enough metal in this case
  • Reviewers have complained that the buttons are “loose”
  • The front of the screen may be better protected with a case that wraps around it a bit more or with a screen protector built-in.
  • Not the case itself, but the sleeve has a wallet feature

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4. Case for iPhone 6 made of aluminum by Spigen

Spigen Aluminum Fit [Dia Cut] iPhone 6 Case with Premium Brushed Metal Anodized Aluminum for iPhone 6 - Satin Silver

Polycarbonate and aluminum are used to construct this case. This aluminum case also leaves a small portion of your phone unprotected, as do other aluminum cases that we have seen. If you want a case that matches the color of your phone, the Spigen aluminum case may not be right for you. Those who drop their phones frequently or need a more rugged case might find this case helpful. It’s likely this case will meet all your needs if you’re looking for a lightweight build, a slim design, and metal construction.


  • Color options in four different shades
  • Theme
  • Weightless
  • The iPhone’s color choices mirror those of the iPad
  • Designed to work with Beats by Dre headphones


  • The buttons are not covered
  • Splashproof not available
  • There is a small amount of exposure on the top and bottom of the phone
  • Brand-new cases have been reported to have a strong smell by some users
  • Compared to tougher cases, there is less drop protection

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5. Brilliance Case by Case-Mate

Case-Mate iPhone X Case - Brilliance - 800+ Genuine Crystals - Protective Design for Apple iPhone 10 - Lace

If you choose this glamorous case, available in three different styles, you’re sure to dazzle everyone in a one-mile radius. The backs of these wallets are embellished with crystals and accented with premium leather. Defend your iPhone 6 from scratches and bumps by removing the bumper frame and placing it on the cushioned back. If you drop your phone, the case might break, but the phone will not and that’s what matters. Large cutouts have been made for the ports and camera. The crystals in this case tend to catch on things, which makes the case heavy. Furthermore, if you don’t take care, they might fall off. When it comes to this option, only the bling matters. Although they are pricey, these cases are stunning. This is the company’s entry-level case for the iPhone 6, and it only provides a bumper. However, that bumper is carefully designed from the ground up. The majority of people still cannot afford to drop $300 on a bumper case.


  • Duralumin A2017 is an aluminum alloy of aircraft-grade quality
  • Portable
  • A variety of colors
  • Signal interference is minimized
  • Design without screws


  • Costly
  • The ports are not covered
  • No full wraparound case, just a bumper
  • As stated on the website: “Customers who are concerned about even the slightest loss of signal may not be pleased with this product.”

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We Are Trusted

Best Metal iPhone 6 Cases
Metal iPhone 6 Cases

Amber King has done an extensive research to write this well-researched in-depth review. For over seven years, she has been testing all kinds of gear and is an avid iPhone user. She tests more than 25 categories of gear, and she is also a science teacher who knows how to design fair, repeatable tests to determine the limits of the gear she is assigned to research and write about. 

Besides cooking equipment and external hard drives, she has also reviewed clothing and external hard drives for women. During her free time, she loves to run, camp, and explore with her iPhone (and the protective case).


When you invest a lot of money in a phone, you should protect it. A sharp decline could spell the end. The primary purpose of a cell phone case is to safeguard your phone. When it comes to protecting against drops and scrapes, certain cases are more reliable than others. To do so, we examine the material’s design by scratching it and looking for features that will keep dust, water, and falls from damaging the camera and ports.

Scratch Tests

We scratch each case physically in addition to examining the material construction. After starting with fingernails, we use a little blade to determine if the material scratches easily. Pelican Rouge Series cases, like the Miracle Liquid Silicone Case, are made of thicker rubber materials. For example, Too’s Military Grade is made of scratch-resistant plastic. A translucent plastic backing, as shown on Ghostek Atomic, is one of its numerous features. Clear examples should be avoided if durability is a priority. Scratches and scuffs will show up almost as rapidly as other styles.

Ease of Use

The case’s ease of usage has an impact on how often you use it. There are a few things to think about. We initially evaluate the materials to see if they will easily slip off a table and how well they grip. Second, the cover makes it simple to put the phone in and take it out. Third, we’ll see if it catches in smooth-sided fleece-lined pockets or if it fits comfortably in those pockets. The fourth test will be to see if any of the buttons are malfunctioning. Make a note if you have trouble clicking a button or if it is unresponsive. It’s worth noting that a high score in this category means the case is simple to remove, has a decent grip, and has large, easy-to-use buttons.

Phone Grip

You’ll need a grippy phone if you converse a lot with your hands. You must not let it to slip from your grasp and fly across the room. It should be difficult to slip off a slick surface. It should also be able to use your phone with one hand.

The grippiest cases have more rubberized grips, grooves, and surface area. Thin, smooth-surfaced cases are more difficult to grip.

Pocket Sliding

Make your phone selection based on its ability to glide easily into pockets. The smooth backs of the Kitoo Carbon Case and Smartish Kung Fu Grip, for example, are less likely to accumulate lint.

Button Functionality

This micro-metric is significant for this category since it shows how frequently we use buttons during the day. In this category, cases with large, separate buttons that click are among the best. Several models outperform one another, but they all work well together.


Unless you want to safeguard your iPhone, choose a slim and light case rather than a large and heavy one. The weight and size of the cases are used to determine this. It’s easier to fit a phone into a pocket, handbag, or backpack when it’s thinner and lighter.


Do you have a preference for one look over the other? With so many alternatives to choose from, you should pick a case that you feel comfortable wearing at work, at a social gathering, or even at a black-tie event. A clean, crisp, under-the-radar aesthetic that’s adaptable may appeal to some people more than industrialized surfaces. Please keep in mind that fashion is a very personal thing. Cases with more colors and/or patterns are given a higher rating, whereas specialist styles are given a lesser rating.


There were no notable features in some of the examples we tested, and the cases were extremely straightforward, but in others, things were outstanding. Wireless charging is supported by all of them. Kickstands allow you to watch TV or text while keeping your hands free.


Does this case appear to be well-made? What is the strength of the material utilized in it? We found any weak places in the structure by breaking and bending it.

We also scratch the product to see if it’s of good quality. After being defenestrated, the best cases are those that are structurally sound and show no traces of wear or scratches.

A case composed of polycarbonate, rubber, or thicker plastic worked best in this test. Otterbox Defender outperformed the rest of the cases. Thick plastic and rubberized gaskets are used to make this casing. Scratching and bending are prevented by a rubberized gasket and strong plastic.


Why is iPhone 6 cases more functional if they have extra features?

With a card pocket case, you can carry credit or debit cards, paper money, or a key without taking out your wallet or purse.

How do I tell if an iPhone 6s case will fit my iPhone 6?

Although the iPhone 6s are slightly thicker and wider than the iPhone 6, their sizes are roughly equal. Most cases are compatible with both models due to the small difference in size. To make sure that a particular case is compatible with your model, always read the product specifications.

Which iPhone case offers the best protection?

There is no other iPhone case as protective as Spigen. With the Liquid Air Armor model, your phone will be protected from the elements, such as dust and dirt.

How does Lifeproof compare to Otterbox?

Otterbox now owns LifeProof, so the two companies are effectively the same. The companies have different approaches to phone cases, however. Otterbox focuses on overall protection, while LifeProof focuses on waterproof designs. The commuter and Defender series from Otterbox is the best option if you’re looking for a strong, breakproof case. The LifeProof Fre has an additional layer of water resistance, but it costs a bit more.

Phones are protected by wallet cases?

Although wallet cases provide good protection for the front and back of iPhones, they often fail to protect the sides and corners. When buying a case, make sure it offers protection to these areas.


You should purchase a case for your iPhone when you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on it. Here’s what we’ve done to make your life easier. Comparing side-by-side, we analyzed the materials, features, style, and protection. In your search to find the best case for your needs, we offer our recommendations.

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