Best Personal Gps Tracker No Monthly Fee

Automatically determining and transmitting a car’s location is the purpose of a vehicle tracking device. Users of Google Maps, a mobile GPS application, can easily monitor their fleets without relying on a traditional tracking system.

GPS tracking services generally require a subscription fee for the use of their navigation systems. However, consumers can run GPS services without extra charges with the best no monthly fee tracking devices. Contracts and fees are not involved with these systems.

Our monitoring services can ensure that everything runs smoothly, from your truck fleet to your teen arriving home safely. Today’s topic of our discussion is the best tracking devices with no monthly fees.

Unease overpaid hidden fees primarily cause GPS tracking devices.  If you want to explore our resource on hidden car tracking devices before looking into GPS tracking for cars at no monthly fee, you might want to first glance at our page about hidden car tracking devices. You will learn more about discreet and straightforward tracking devices you can buy for your vehicle.

We provide some simple and easy-to-use tracking devices for cars. You simply attach them using powerful magnets to your car. The device can be installed without requiring a technician. The GPS trackers can enable you to gain a competitive edge over your rivals when you’re thinking about fleet management.

Finding a vehicle tracking system that meets your specific needs becomes more important. Our goal was to find the best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee. Therefore we sifted through a wide variety of systems.

Our Favorite Best Personal Gps Tracker No Monthly Fee

Top 10 BestPersonal Gps Tracker No Monthly Fee Reviews- 2022

1. Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

Never worry about your car, motorcycle, truck, van or asset again! You can enjoy the peace of mind that 24/7 monitoring provides with the Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker. The anti-theft alerts allow you to react quickly to suspicious activity when you are away from your vehicle and worried about the safety of your valuable items. You can create custom alert zones and tracking can be notified when entering or leaving them. As the battery is removable, it can be easily replaced without opening the case. As a result, wires do not need to be disconnected, and settings are not reset. Besides motorcycles, trucks, vans, strollers, boats, teenagers, motorcycles, trucks, and valuables, these lightweight devices can also track motorcycles, trucks, vans, and valuables. Have peace of mind wherever you are!

The Invoxia cellular GPS tracking device is a powerful and easy to use DIY solution that leverages the ubiquity of a mobile phone connection. The device is equipped with a motion sensor and alerts you when your assets are in motion, but it also records every location that it has visited. This way, you can log into the app and view a history of where your assets have been over time. If you want to keep track of what your kids are doing or if you need to keep tabs on your employees, then this is the tracker for you. It was built with an extremely long-life battery so that you will never have to worry about changing it out or recharging it.

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2. Vyncs – GPS Tracker for Vehicles

The Vyncs is a GPS tracking device that plugs directly into your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) port. It’s small, inconspicuous, and will last for years before needing an update. The Vyncs plugs into your existing vehicle OBD port and tracks data on your driving habits, such as true GPS speed, engine status like RPM, fuel economy, fuel level – and any DTC codes that your vehicle may be throwing. It stores this information on its memory before transmitting it to its servers every 3 minutes. This makes it the most advanced OBD tracking device on the market with features never before seen in any device.

Vyncs is the first truly affordable GPS tracking for vehicles for 1, 3 or 6 months. Vyncs only works with OBD-II compatible cars. The hardware comes ready to plug into any car and has a long battery life (over a year). We also have advanced onboard features like GPS speed alert, trip log backups and optional roadside assistance. Vyncs tracks all driver information records location history and saves it automatically both on our website and in your account (where you can access it from anywhere). No data connection is required so now you can track your car anywhere in the world! We take great pride in all our products and strive to provide each customer the best experience possible and will give you 100% coverage of your product if there are any issues.

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3. YangDiana Strong Magne GPS Tracker

Easy to use, real-time GPS trackers are discreet and designed with simplicity in mind. Use the YangDiana Strong app or website to track your location in real time, or call us and we’ll help you find your device if it’s lost or stolen. In the United States, we recommend using a SpeedTalk or T-Mobile SIM card that supports 2G/3G/4G data connections. SIM cards need to be accompanied by a subscription plan with no less than 30M of data per month. The SIM card does not come with it. For real-time tracking of speed, route map, contact who is carrying the device and so on, no need to register each time you open an APP/WEB. At any time and anywhere as long as you have data service or access to the internet, you can track your children, driver’s or fleet’s locations directly by SMS or calling and checking the location in application or website.

The Strong Magnet GPS Tracker Waterproof YangDiana is a must have accessory to prevent your vehicle and belongings from theft. This GPS tracker with a strong magnet can be attached to any iron surface in your vehicle. This setting enables you to track your vehicle’s route easily throughout the day. Additionally, you can set up a virtual fence for the device to move within with Geo-fencing technology, alerting you when it’s moved outside the specified location. When the device is stolen or towed away from the area, it will send a signal to your mobile app, so you can quickly respond and increase your chances of recovering your belongings.

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4. VYNCS Premium: No Monthly Fees GPS Tracker

VYNCS Premium is an advanced solution, ideal for traveling families that need a more informative alternative for keeping tabs on their loved ones. Tracks a vehicle’s location in real time no matter where you are in the world. Compact, sleek design works flawlessly in any car. With a simple tap of a button you’re able to get directions back home and access local gas stations and restaurants as well. Create zones around the school for teens; Log trips, use 4G GPS tracking, review routes on a map, and talk back to your kids.

VYNCS GPS tracker is a state-of-the-art car tracking device that provides you with real time vehicle status monitoring. It also helps every responsible driver become a better driver. Our unique technology uses public and private WiFi and cellular networks to locate your car and allows you to monitor driving behavior, mileage, and fuel consumption. Select the right plan to receive additional features such as old diagnostic, health indicators, or roadside assistance.

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5. TKSTAR GPS Tracker for Vehicles

The GPS tracker is easy to use and install. Unlike other GPS trackers, there is no need for a sim card because this device comes with a built-in SIM card that works on SpeedTalk plans. SpeedTalk plans provide 3G, 4G and 2G services at different locations to ensure you get the service you need whether you are in a highly populated area or not. You can send us an email to help you choose the best plan for your area. The real time GPS tracking is available through a website where you can monitor the location of your car on Google Maps

The TKSTAR GPS Tracker For Vehicles, a GPS tracking device specially designed for vehicle usage, could locate your vehicle in seconds! It is a powerful tool to deter thieves! This device is small and protected, with a built-in 5000mAh lithium battery, it can standby for 3-5 days and work continuously for 7-10 days. Besides, the installation is very easy. Just attach it to any iron surface, a carriable, foolproof, one-click installation! What’s more, you can remote control this GPS car tracker from anywhere through an App on your iPhone or Android phone without worrying about being traced or noticed by others!

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6. ReiWour 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles

There’s no monthly charge for the 4G GPS Tracker for all vehicles, the first and only market. The ultimate device comes with a 3G/4G module that enables you to track your car and all other vehicles in real-time via an iPhone, Android, or web application. What’s more, with only USD 69 charged as one off payment, you may get a whole year of service without any extra costs involved. Renewal before the expiry date.

ReiWour Car Magnet GPS Tracker Hidden will help you track your car for up to 180 days on historical tracking mode. You can replay the history via App, get the last time and location both temporary on the map. It is made of durable materials and is designed to be long lasting. It is waterproof and can charge offline. In addition to the rugged housing, the device has an IP65 water-resistant battery and a 10000mAh battery that can provide updates. Every 30 seconds and last for seven to twenty days on a charge.

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7. ReiWour 4G OBD GPS Tracker for Vehicles

The ReiWour 4G OBD GPS tracker is a plug-in device used to keep track of the location of your vehicle at all times with GPS tracking. You can install it in any 4G LTE area and view your vehicle continuously through the built-in GSM capability. By subscribing to the 1 year service agreement, you will be able to enjoy all of its features including Live Tracking, Incident Alerts, and Instant Alerts that send you instant reports regarding any changes or external interruptions detected on your vehicle.

ReiWour 4G OBD GPS tracker for vehicles comes with GPS and GSM dual modules, offers real-time vehicle tracking and SOS functions. Easily installs an onboard diagnostics (OBDII) 16-pin connector into any car, truck, or other vehicle. TheReiWour compatible app offers up to 180 days of driving data in the form of GPS + speed + range charts, location point history, and more. The app is compatible with Android, as well as iOS. Download our plug-and-play APP “ReiWour” from the Apple Store and Google Play market.

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8. GPSit Vehicle Asset GPS Tracking

GPSit is a superior location tracking with an affordable plan. We work to help fleets and business owners prevent theft, avoid risk and save money by pinpointing where each vehicle is parked. For over 13 years, GPS has been providing customers with free data mapping analysis and easy to read reports that provide useful information to gain fleet efficiency.

GPSit works with dealers and fleets in all 50 states. Start with a short 6-month trial period to test the features and GUI software. After the trial, you may purchase a 1-year or 2-year subscription for continued service whenever needed. The base rate includes easy installation by vehicle location, a Web interface to view tracking reports from your computer, email alerts if any unexpected event occurs, slow vehicle speed (to avoid speeding tickets), and much more! After the initial 6 months expires, the price jumps to $99/2 years, so take advantage of the lower introductory rate while it’s available!

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9. ReiWour 4G Wired Car GPS Tracker for Vehicles

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Are you tired of having your vehicle disappear from your screen? Relieve this common problem with the Reiwour 4g wired car GPS tracker and locate your car in real-time. Using our 4g LTE technology, you can track the whereabouts of your car at lightning speeds! Connect to the internet through the built-in SIM card on any device – either phone or laptop – and see where it is. We provide a one year service with each purchase. A renewal fee of USD 69 applies after 2 years.

ReiWour Hardwired GPS tracker for vehicles keeps 180 days tracking history, playback car track from any computer, tablet or phone by Android and IOS APP. Uniquely designed for long-time monitoring is the only one of its kind in the US market. This device comes with a battery (not sealed) so you can use it directly or hard-wiring, which is easy to install when you already have 4 wires. The software will show you where your car is and how fast it is going exactly. When you want to see it, finding your car in the parking lot has never been easier.

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10. LDXYQ Hidden GPS Tracker

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It comes with a worldwide SIM card; you won’t need to worry about purchasing expensive monthly subscriptions or carrying it with an active phone. Any smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system will be able to use this item. With just a simple download of the APP, you can enjoy this product right away. Positioning accuracy of 16 to 32 feet (5-10 meters) is possible. The good news is that you will not have to pay a monthly fee for this device! Tracking devices are purchased and installed in the vehicle you need to track. You can start tracking the vehicle’s location once the information is there.

You are introducing the small hidden GPS tracker! Smaller than a cigarette box, More powerful than a car alarm. Designed for all plug-in cars, the LDXYQ GPS tracker has many powerful features: it can efficiently track the car’s movements with its built-in GSM module and satellite positioning system and record where you have been for 90 days. This device can detect vibration and sounds and serve as a theft deterrent. Just connect to an active internet on your phone, set up a geo-fence for this tracker to restrict its movements within a district, and you will get an alarm message when the device gets out of the district. If your car vibrates, you will receive an alarm message at once. You can also check your car’s real-time location through this application. No need to worry your car will be stolen.

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Things Before Buying Best Personal GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

The advantages of a “no monthly fee GPS tracker” are comparable to those of a tracker that requires a monthly subscription. They can, however, be a bit more advantageous than the monthly trackers—a few advantages to using a GPS tracker that doesn’t require a monthly fee.

Power Source

GPS trackers can be powered either by the OBDII port or by batteries in the vehicle. Battery-powered trackers require recharging when they run low on charge. Getting an idea of the gps tracker’s battery life can be done by checking its mAh before buying. The OBDII tracker does not need charging, and it draws electricity from the car so it may be preferable for some people.

Location Update Time

The GPS device’s model determines how often it updates the location. Most GPS devices update their location every 15, 30, or 60 seconds. It’s also possible to find the trackers that update every 3 minutes or every 5 minutes. Your choice of the frequency of location updates is up to you. Additionally, you are always able to change the default tracker update frequency.

Check Location History

The GPS tracker may not function in all parts of the world. Ensure that your service provider supports the region where you intend to use the device.

Data Storage Duration

The device will determine how much data is stored. The data of some GPS devices last for one year, but the data of others is kept longer (up to five years). The ability to retrieve data from cloud storage can be costly for some companies. It is important to find out how much the device is expected to cost before buying it.

Status Alerts

Emergencies require quick action. It is possible to receive various alerts when a hardwired GPS tracker is in place, such as the Jimi Hardwired GPS Tracker. Overcoming a speed limit can result in vibration and turning on the ignition or turning on the engine after an accident. A GPS tracker mounted externally, such as the Heavy Duty 3G GPS Tracker, may also generate Overspeed and Shock notifications. Similarly, you receive a tampering or removal notification if you remove the device.

Battery Life

When is the last time you charged your phone? Traditionally, wired solutions have not been necessary because of the vehicle’s power. However, it is helpful to know how long the battery will last for portable GPS tracking devices. A GPS tracker like yours would have a 30-day operation time and an 80-day standby time, similar to the Magnetic Slim 3G GPS Tracker. Consequently, you will not need to worry about charging your GPS tracking device.

Theft Prevention

If your vehicle disappears, you should act immediately. If you’re having trouble locating your vehicle, a GPS connection is a fantastic option. But you can really make things worse by remotely cutting the fuel and power to the vehicle. However, portable GPS devices and wired GPS trackers cannot perform these functions. For instance, the Jimi Hardwired GPS Tracker can reduce fuel consumption and power usage. These vehicles include features that prevent this from occurring at higher speeds, significantly lowering the chance of an accident.


Consider a GPS tracker that will be out in the elements for the rest of its life. This device must be rugged enough to withstand rough conditions. If this is the case, you’ll need a rugged GPS tracker that’s waterproof and IP67 rated. Here is the complete description: however, we would recommend that higher is chosen for purposes.

The horse trailer, the boat, and even your daily commute aren’t exempt from dust and moisture. So if you intend to use your GPS tracker in such an environment, be sure to choose one that is tough enough to withstand those conditions.


How Can I Track my Vehicle?

The most excellent method to keep your vehicle trackable is to install a GPS tracker. You must choose a GPS tracker for your vehicle with no monthly fees or hidden costs; there are many types available.

Does GPS Tracking Require a Data Plan?

It is usually not necessary to have a data connection for GPS navigation. GPS tracking apps are typically accessible without a data connection. However, some apps need data to be able to use GPS.

How do You Secretly GPS Track a Car?

Installing a LowStar device is the most effective way to track a car secretly. Thanks to LowStar’s GPS technology, you can pinpoint your car’s exact location in real time while it’s moving, even while it’s in motion. LowStar’s app works with your smartphone.

Installing a Vehicle Tracker – How do I do it?

Attaching a vehicle tracker requires a strong GPS satellite signal. Quick, unhindered access to the site is ideal for an emergency situation such as this. Dashboard roofs, for example, come in two varieties.

It is still possible to get a good reception in a secluded location behind the seat. It is important to strike a balance between signal intensity and visibility to make the signal visible.

There will be slight differences in setting up GPS trackers based on their going. Your car’s interior storage compartments or its frame can be covered with waterproof adhesive so that you can submerge it.

If you want to take part in the project, set up the tracking device on your smartphone first and then begin.

Is it Possible to Pinpoint Your Exact Location With real-time GPS Trackers?

It happens sometimes. Satellite signals are received and transmitted to determine the satellites’ location. However, the location precision of the device is susceptible to interference, just like your smartphone.


Despite our efforts, we will always have to deal with unpleasant circumstances which are outside our control.

In the event of vehicle theft or a breakdown of unfamiliar terrain, these devices ensure that you can get assistance whenever needed. Vyncs Premium is more fuel efficient and offers all the features consumers need comparing to its competitors.

No monthly fee GPS tracker with powerful magnets that attach firmly to your vehicle’s metal body can track the speed of your vehicle and pinpoint its location very easily.

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