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Even as time flies, the ability to go back in time tends to keep people grounded. Images and videos have hundreds of stories to tell that any book, phrase, or paragraph can’t. You can comfort yourself by reminiscing.

When the choice is between storage or a photo, not everyone feels the same way. However, standard USBs are great for storing data but not accommodating for organizing information and managing files. We were surprised to discover that there is an alternative.

Our Favorite Best Photo Stick

Top 8 Best Photo Stick Reviews- 2022

1. MFi Certified 128GB Photo-Stick

MFi Certified 128GB Photo-Stick-for-iPhone-Storage iPhone-Memory iPhone USB for Photos iPhone USB Flash Drive Memory for iPad External iPhone Storage iPhone Thumb Drive for iPad Photo Stick

JSL JDTDC Slim 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive offers an all-in-one solution for storing music, photos, videos and documents. The sturdy metal casing provides excellent protection for your data and makes it easy to transfer files from computer to computer or iPad or iPhone. This slender USB rapidly transfers files back and forth with USB 3.0 technology (backward compatible with USB 2.0) . Offering 128 GB of storage space, there’s plenty of room for your important work documents and other media files, including music, photos, video and more.

Made for iPhone, Android and iPad the Photo-Stick by Lexar 128 GB makes it easy to offload photos and videos from your mobile device with a standard USB or USB 3.0 interface. The built-in Lightning or Micro USB 3.0 port lets you quickly transfer files between devices at lightning speeds of up to 80 MBps!

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2. MFi Certified 256GB Photo-Stick

MFi Certified 256GB Photo-Stick-for-iPhone-Storage iPhone-Memory iPhone USB for Photos iPhone USB Flash Drive Memory for iPad External iPhone Storage iPhone Thumb Drive for iPad Photo Stick

Designed with a stylish brushed aluminum casing that is lightweight and durable, the 256GB Photo Stick from JSL JDTDC can easily connect to any device with a micro-USB port, such as iPad, iPhone, tablet PC, or digital camera. Equipped with a 256GB storage capacity for holding up to 50,000 photos or 180 hours of 1080p videos, this stick is essential for tablet computer users who are often on the go. Apple has validated this item to ensure its quality and functionality and it is designed with the Lightning connector.

The 256GB Photo-Stick enables users to transfer and manage physical photos between iOS devices easily. With a small form factor design, the Photo-stick is compatible with all Apple lightning devices and comes with a leather case, which keeps it tightly secured when not in use. The 256GB Photo-Stick uses USB 3.0 standard to reach up to 80 MB/s read speed.

This iPhone Photo-Stick is MFi Certified 256GB, supports all iOS devices with a Lightning port. With the newest and most powerful design, it’s your best choice for storing more pictures, videos and music on your device. It is compatible with iPhone XS Max/XS/XR/X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6S Plus/6S/6Plus/6/5S/5C, iPad Pro series(except 12.9 inches and 11 inches), iPod, Macbook, PC & laptops.

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3. iDiskk MFI Certified 256GB Photo Stick

iDiskk MFI Certified 256GB Photo Stick for iPhone USB C iPad Pro Android Samsung Flash Drive for iPhone 14/13/12/12 pro/12 mini/11/11/Pro/6/7/8/XR/X/XS MAX,iPad pro External Storage for PC,MacBook

The iDiskk 256GB Photo stick is the easiest way to carry your photo and video archives anywhere. Due to its use of the USB Type C connector, this 256GB device is plug-n-play compatible with most laptops, game consoles, smart TVs, and other new devices equipped with the USB Type C connector. Easy to carry and fast to transfer, it’s time to stop worrying about running out of space with this sleek flash drive.

The iDiskk MFI certified photo stick for iPhone( 5/6 Plus/ 6S/6S Plus/ 7/7 Plus) enables you to connect your flash drive to your iPhone mobile phone and capture your everyday life in photos without fail. Wherever you are, never miss a single photo moment. With 256GB of Large memory space, you can save all your best moments in one place as a digital memory. It is equipped with the latest technology of flash drives, iDiskk flash drive enables data protected by password and touches ID. You don’t have to worry about the choice of your colleagues or friends.

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4. ThePhotoStick 128GB – Easy One Click Photo and Video Backup

ThePhotoStick 128GB - Easy, One Click Photo and Video Backup

ThePhotoStick is an ultimate backup and storage solution for your photos and videos. It is so easy to use, there is nothing to install. With ThePhotoStick, you can save your photos in minutes simply by plugging it into your computer and pressing the button. Its 128 GB of storage allows it to store over 60,000 high-quality photos or approximately 30+ hours of video.

ThePhotoStick makes it easy to keep your life’s most important photos safe, while also finding duplicates. It is a one-click backup device that stores all of the photos and videos on your phone or tablet. Safe – just store in a safe location. A simple, easy-to-use program that requires no passwords, no filenames, or cloud storage vulnerabilities. Even backups are fast! You don’t have to worry about losing your memories with ThePhotoStick.

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5. Apple Certified iDiskk 512GB iPhone Flash Drive Photo Stick

IDISKK Mfi Certified 512GB USB Flash Drive Photo Stick iPhone Memory for iPhone 13/12/Pro Max/12 pro/11/11 pro/XR/X/XS,Mac PC iPad External Storage Photo Stick and Touch ID Encryption

Your iPhone is more than just a phone. It’s also a convenient storage device and photo album. However, the built-in storage tends to fill up quickly, so the iDiskk Photo Stick gives you even more room for your photos, videos and documents with an impressive 512GB of memory! The iDiskk MiniDrive works with all recent iOS devices (iPhone 5/6/7/8/X, iPad 3 or higher) to replace the built-in SIM card and tray. iDisk iPhone flash drive photo sticks are specially designed for iPhones, iPads and iPods high-performance USB3.0 interface is the best way to enjoy content on your device.

With high quality and portable design, iDiskk iPhone flash drive photo stick can be your best choice to transfer data or backup photos. It is ideal for wireless data transmission, internet calling and video chatting. You can connect it with iPhone/iPod/iPad via its unique ipod-dock connector. Besides, with a 512GB large capacity, you can store much more HD movies or music files on it. It is worth buying!

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6. STTARLUK Photo Stick USB Flash Drive 1TB

USB Flash Drive 1TB, Sttarluk Photo Stick USB Pen Drive for Phone/Pad External Storage Memory Stick Compatible with Pad/Pod/Mac/Android/PC (1TB Purple)

STTARLUK travel USB flash drive is designed to provide a secure, convenient way to store personal information. Equipped with 1TB storage capacity and a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, it enables the quick and effortless transfer of files or photos between computers or smart devices. You can backup photos/videos to the flash drive by using the free app every time you plug it in. The backups will be stored automatically. It’s compatible with almost all computers and operating systems and any power source, making it handy for use at home or on the go. Protection from limited damage from water and dust makes Starluk travel USB flash drive an ideal choice for use in demanding conditions.

STTARLUK a new type of USB Flash Drive that can directly plug into the Phone port and USB port without any need for external power, while it has 80 MB/s reading and 40 MB/s writing speed in the USB end. It is different from the kinds of flash drives that need external power, such as a computer or adapter. It is simple, convenient and widely used. This 1TB (1,000GB) drive features a micro-USB port on one end for plugging into your phone or tablet and a standard full-size USB on the other for plugging into your computer.

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7. SZHUAYI USB3.0 Flash Drive, Thumb Drive Photo Stick

USB3.0 Flash Drive for Phone 1000GB Thumb Drive Photo Stick Compatible with Mobile Phone & Computers, Mobile Phone External Expandable Memory Storage Drive, Take More Photos & Videos(1000GB Gold)

The new SZHUAYI portable flash memory disk is designed for its performance. The structure is more compact and the design is more innovative; Take the gold tone as an example. An integrated USB 3.0 interface keeps it from being displaced by accident. The appearance is simple but noble, the surface treatment is more refined, the overall shape of the product is smaller, and the product color doesn’t change. Most importantly, it can completely store 1 Terabyte of large data. Its capacity is widely used in extensive data analysis, surveillance camera equipment, tourism, and other areas to solve storage issues effectively!

Your photos and videos should not be limited to your digital devices. Take them with you wherever you go, or share with friends-and worry less about losing your work or needing a specialized device when you want everyone to see your pictures. This stick features a USB 3.0 connector that lets your photos transfer from a USB 3.0 compatible computer at fast speeds. With 100 Zs of storage space and the included encryption software, you can protect the files on this stick and password-protect other files on any computer.

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8. ThePhotoStick Omni 128GB- Easy, One Click Photo and Video Backup

ThePhotoStick Omni 128GB - Effortless Photo and Video Backup for Apple, Android and Windows Devices

ThePhotoStick Omni 128GB is a pocket-sized flash drive that lets you back up your photos and videos in just one click, freeing you up to take and share even more great shots. With waterproof housing and high-speed transfer rates, ThePhotoStick Omni 128GB is ready when you are to capture your vacation, adventure, or life’s milestone moments wherever they happen.

ThePhotoStick Omni 128GB, mobile USB Flash Drive, features an elegant, compact design. It seamlessly connects and transfers data between computer and mobile devices through PTP protocol. ThePhotoStick Omni is your personal life assistant, pocket-sized cloud storage and backup solution for smartphones and tablets that enable you to easily share photos, video clips, documents, and any other digital media.

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Best Photo Stick Buying Guide

Best Photo Stick

USB Speed

Unlike a regular flash drive, a photo stick focuses on a specific cause, making it fast. It takes about ten minutes to complete the entire process, but no longer than a few seconds. As soon as you plug it in, you just need to press ‘Go’ on the screen that appears.

The speed of performance varies between various photo sticks. They don’t usually have a bigger storage capacity than most peoplthinke. Compatibility is more important. Various cameras and photo sticks can read virtually any file type and assess every folder, but others require compression. 


Storage matters, as it should. Your very own reason for considering getting a photo stick was to make your photos stand out. The standard size of a photo stick is 8GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

You can save around 3500 media files on an 8GB photo stick. A 128GB photo stick would hold approximately 60,000 digital records, and a 256GB would hold approximately 132,000 records. This is by no means a definitive number. A video takes up a lot more space than an image. An 8GB photo stick cannot be expected to save 3500 files at once.

Your Photo-stick should be purchased after analyzing your needs. You might want to consider buying a camera you feel would be useful in the long run. Do you want a smaller one right now, but you’re getting married soon?


In essence, Photo Sticks act like a cloud, except they don’t charge a monthly subscription fee. However, some photo sticks require upgrading because they are compatible with specific devices.

Windows 10 and later are usually compatible with photo sticks. Specific updates, however, are also required. A micro-USB connection isn’t found on all photo sticks, proving problematic for some users.


What is the Difference Between a Flash drive and a Photo stick?

Flash drives are kind of like Photosticks. They differ primarily in their data transfer ports. You’ll get a mobile port and a computer port with a photo stick. The USB port on a flash drive can be either type B or C.

How Does the PhotoStick Organize Photos?

Everything is saved with PhotoStick! You can instantly scan all the files and folders on your computer with ThePhotoStick to find your favorite photos and videos. All of your photos and videos are then automatically downloaded and backed up to ThePhotoStick.

What is the Easiest Photo Stick to Use?

With the Photostick 128 USB stick, you can find all your photos and videos on your Mac or PC and save them to the USB stick in a flash. This software and storage allow you to manage your photos and videos quickly and easily. It’s as easy as plugging it in. It protects your Windows and Mac computer’s photo and video memories.

Does the Photo Stick Remove Duplicates?

Connect iPhones and iPads to your computer and launch the backup app from the stick. Your PC or Mac will then back up these devices. This method removes duplicate photos and videos. The only photos that are backed up each time are those added since the last backup.

Is the Photo Stick Worth Buying?

Almost anyone could benefit from the quality storage provided by the Photo Stick. Users find it convenient, convenient, and efficient. If you want to store your files outside of your device, the Photo Stick is certainly worth checking out.


A sturdy storage device that should meet virtually everyone’s needs, the Photo Stick is a good choice. Users find it convenient, convenient, and efficient.

If you want to store your files outside of your device, the Photo Stick is certainly worth checking out.

This media player is a great bet for anyone looking for a storage device since it offers a lot of top-rated features and benefits and is accompanied by positive reviews. Because if you don’t like it, you can get your money back!

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