Best Productivity Apps for Android


Productivity Apps, another admirable addition to the versatile realm of smart and user friendly applications, have utterly molded and transformed a cell phone, into a Smart Phone cum Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) which is capable of performing the tasks which are expected from a personal computer or even from a laptop. These apps are capable enough to create forms, spreadsheets, presentation slides, charts, databases, graphs, animations and many more useful documents for official or organizational use.

While talking about hundreds of apps out there at android play store, these productivity apps have diverted the attention of many, related to every age group to download and use these apps for their desired purpose. After much analysis of the data gathered from user reviews and number of downloads, we have narrowed down and selected some best productivity apps, any android user would love to have them downloaded on their phone.

Office Suit 8:

With its bright look and awesome interface, it has indeed, won the hearts of many. By providing a complete package of Microsoft Office utilities on for android users, it has solved the problems of many. This app has attributed a lot in building up the user’s trust on a smartphone, when they witnessed what a smartphone is capable of. With an elegant design and a number of features, this app has become one of the most widely used productivity app as it provides the best services, any other productivity app can ever think of.

Cabinet Beta:

Of many advantages provided under android platform, one of the best is, one can navigate anywhere without any permissions being granted from kernel or its control unit. During exploration of your phone, you are granted permissions all over the phone. With this productivity app, now you can manipulate and modify the formats, zip and unzip files and folders, share the files through whatever medium available (Bluetooth, cloud storage, wireless).

Though there are other apps for this specific purpose; yet, Cabinet Beta, with its perfect and interactive interface, emerged out of the herd of commons and have joined the clan of specials.


Imagine controlling your smartphone with a simple app installed on your computer. Well you are lucky to have born in this world of tech enthusiasts and developers who keep populating the play store with breathtaking applications that can serve our daily routine purposes.

While working, many find it fretful pick up the phone from laying nearby to answer the calls, or to reply to messages. Why not let this cool app, by the name of Airdroid, installed on your PC, prompt you on your desktop screen whenever it rings or pings!! Adding more to it, you can also manage and share files from your PC and view call logs. After downloading it, just type “” in your computer’s browser and have fun controlling your phone from your PC.

Microsoft Outlook:

On demand from many outlook users, Microsoft at last, launched its official outlook application for android play store. With a simple yet attractive color scheme, this app is developed under best human computer interaction principles and uses third party integration that makes it capable of offering services like Yahoo, Gmail and Cloud storage services.


For those shopaholics, who lose control over their wallets once they come across anything on the display! With this app, you can manage and learn to organize your weekly/monthly budget as it will keep record of anything that you buy and the moment you enter the amount in the fields, a receipt will pop us with the effect of your transaction on overall budget displayed on it. Additionally, it will print on-demand receipts and transaction sheets for you also. Another ability that it entails is its feature of keeping track of the GPS of your phone and tells you at the end of the day about the travelling log.


Amongst many note-taking apps, Evernote is the one, hardly anyone could skip without downloading. With the help of Evernote Productive App, one can easily make notes whether in text form, audio or in images form. With the ability to synchronize with cloud, it also provides offline support and keeps your notes synced. The best part, it is available free of cost and users can enjoy it on cost of just “Download” button.


With the above mentioned productivity apps in the market, one could hardly miss their PCs or Laptops while on a party, during a trip or any emergency situation. Your smartphone is capable enough to offer services at your step. The inclusion of Material Design in app development, has resulted in ground breaking outputs with the help of which, the apps have become logically strong and interactive. Now it’s up to the users as to use these apps to their full potential and get back to us with their valuable feedback.  

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