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Looking for the best PS4 cooling fan? This is the right place for you. PS4 cooling fans are designed for gamers when they play long hours of games. While gaming, excessive heat can harm the device and also damage the desktop. Traditionally, gamers would shut down their consoles to cool down, but a product is available to avoid this problem. These cooling fans allow the PS4 to cool down by ventilating the heat it produces from playing. Not only does it extend their joyous experience, it also prevents their device from being damaged. A multifunctional charger can act as both a charging station and a fan for your console. Our list of cooling fans includes fans in a wide range of shapes and sizes, powers, and designs, so picking the right one can be challenging from the enormous selection.

Our Favorite Best PS4 Cooling Fan

Top 8 Best PS4 Cooling Fan Reviews- 2022

1. OIVO PS4 Stand Cooling Fan

PS4 Stand Cooling Fan Station for Playstation 4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro, OIVO PS4 Pro Vertical Stand with Dual Controller EXT Port Charger Dock Station and 12 Game Slots

OIVO PS4 Stand Cooling Fan is designed for your PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro consoles. Besides cooling your PlayStation 4 Console, this stand also stores and charges Dualshock 4 controllers or headsets via USB charging slots, which comes in handy when not in use. This Playstation 4 stand also features 12 game slots, leaving room to display your collection of games and books. With two lighting modes and a closed design, this Playstation 4 stand keeps your console secure at night.

OIVO PS4 console cooling stand is an improved version of the previous one, with a total 4 USB outlets for convenient charging, and an extra USB port for your controllers. Not only that, a cooling fan and high quality powder coated body are also part of the package. With its larger surface area and smooth bottom, it can help your console stay cool and stable during long hours of playing games. All in all, it’s a good buy for gamers who want to enjoy extended gameplay without worrying about overheating on their PS4 consoles.

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2. OIVO Cooling Stand

PS4 Stand Cooling Fan Station for Playstation 4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro, OIVO PS4 Pro Vertical Stand with Dual Controller EXT Prot Charger Dock Station and 12 Game Slots

The PS4 stand cooling fan is the ultimate gaming accessory for you and your PS4 console. You are introducing the multifunction OIVO PS4 stand cooling fan. This all in one vertical stand is designed to streamline your game room with some mind-blowing features like the built-in 2 cooling fans, dual controller charging station and a USB port that powers your controllers up to 4X faster than other charging methods. The built-in LED charging indicators for your Playstations controllers and 12 games storage ensure you’ll never have to fumble around looking for that elusive game again.

PS4 consoles are notoriously hard to cool, which leads to longer gaming sessions and even damage to expensive components. You know it’s a problem for long-game sessions, but you need an effective solution without the hassle. The OIVO 2.5-4 hours PS4 Cooling Stand is ideal for your situation. With dual fans keeping air circulation going, overheating shouldn’t be an issue anymore. You can stay engaged in marathon sessions with confidence that your console won’t slow down as you continue playing. With added convenience in mind, the OIVO Cooling Stand also struggles with cord management, so you can keep the gaming area neat and compact.”

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3. ElecGear Auto Cooling Fan for PS4

ElecGear Auto Cooling Fan for PS4, External USB Cooler Automatic Temperature Sensor Controlled Radiator Heat Exhaust Works with Playstation 4 CUH-1xxx

It is necessary to keep PS4 consoles cool, even when playing heavy games or during hot summer days, with the ElecGear PS4 Auto Cooling Fan. This console features 5 turbofans to draw heat away and keep its temperature normal, so you won’t overheat when playing games. As soon as it reaches 38 degrees Celsius, the fans start spinning, and they turn off as soon as it cools down. You can choose between manual or automatic mode and low or high fan speeds and Turbo mode in different situations with the Low / High fan speed control button.

Keep your PS4 cool and calm at all times! ElecGear Auto Cooling Fan for PS4 allows you to play your PS4 at ease, without a worry of heat damage or burning off your face. This cooling fan will keep the hot air from reaching your skin, keeping you feel safe. The auto cooling fan is built into the PS4 as an original feature. This fan works with the first PlayStation 4 edition – CUH-10xx, CUH-11xx and CUH-12xx! It will NOT compatible with PS4 Slim CUH-2xx and PS4 Pro CUH-7xx.

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4. Linkstyle PS4 Cooling Fan

Linkstyle PS4 Cooling Fan, USB External Cooler 5 Fan Turbo Temperature Control Cooling Fans for Sony Playstation Gaming Console

If you love to play PS4 games but have an insufficient power supply or the airflow becomes poor, this linkstyle PS4 cooling fan will help you boost your gaming time. It is such a cool choice for ps4 gaming lovers! This cooling pad can bring you a wonderful experience with three different modes of operation. When it is running normally, Five bladed fans with large square blades can quickly bring in air to flow through the console from all directions, making a cool mist that can effectively enhance the air diffusion and heat dissipation. When you want to put out extra effort into playing, the super turbo fan blowing up to 3300RPMs has enough power for hardcore players to enjoy smooth and fluent gameplays. However, when the temperature is low, it will automatically turn down to enhance the working stability and lifespan of this cooling fan. With five fans and two working modes, this ps4 cooling fan is indeed a good choice for PS4 owners!

This Linkstyle PS4 Cooling Fan will help to keep your console cool and prolong the lifetime of your favorite PS4. Designed to clip onto the back of your Playstation 4 such that it becomes a seamless part of the console, this fan will be an original part of it. A cooling fan is all you need to keep your PS4 cool – but why stop there? This versatile accessory can also be used in both the vertical and horizontal orientation, allowing you to take it anywhere except for direct sunlight.

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5. Linkstyle Cooling Fan for PS4 PRO

Linkstyle Cooling Fan for PS4 PRO, USB External Cooler 5 Fan Turbo Temperature Control for Sony Playstation Pro Gaming Console

This LinkStyle PS4 Pro cooling fan is designed to force hot air outside to keep the internal temperature of your console within a normal range. The PS4 cooling fan features two modes: continuous and auto. The mode can be switched according to your own needs. In Continuous working mode, the fan will work as long as there are thermal issues in any location inside the PS4 Pro to ensure its stability. In Auto Mode, a built-in temperature sensor will begin its smart working. When the temperature exceeds 38℃, it will be automatically triggered to start cooling. It will only stop after the temperature goes back to normal or it reaches 38℃ again.

The cooler is specially designed to work with your PS4 Pro console. This is a must have accessory for PS4 Pro fans. The cooler cooling fan can effectively prevent the console from overheating for a long time. This cooling stand can also be used on most PlayStation vertical stands on the market; please check the pictures in detail. There are 2 different modes for this cooling stand – Normal speed and Faster speed. It depends on your need to switch modes.

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6. ElecGear Auto Cooling Fan for PS4

ElecGear Auto Cooling Fan for PS4 Slim, External USB Cooler Automatic Temperature Sensor Controlled Radiator Heat Exhaust Works with Playstation 4 Slim CUH-2xxx

This cooling fan will help keep your PS4 cool and extend its lifetime. Plug the cooler into one of the USB ports on PS4, then when you turn your PS4 on and it is still under heavy load, the cooler will start cooling. This external turbo cooler removes heat from the PS4 Slim chassis by using three mini fans when playing heavy load games. Compact design with an external power supply makes it easier to use and transport. Just plugin and play, no assembly required. It is not suggested to install it on PS4 Pro CUH-7xxx or PS4 CUH-1xxx.

The ElecGear Auto Cooling Fan for PS4 is an external cooling fan designed for Sony PlayStation 4 console, providing the ultimate cool temperature for players. The USB port of the PS4 powers the cooler. There is no need for an additional power supply. The device has two modes of operation that can operate manually or automatically. The device uses a built-in sensor to regulate its working temperature automatically. In manual mode, you can set it to ‘Turbo’ mode or ‘Auto’ mode and it turns on/off when it gets above 38 degrees Celsius / 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides that, this fan comes in two colors: Black and White.

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7. YEECHUN PS4 CPU Cooling Fan

YEECHUN PS4 CPU Cooling Fan Replacement for Sony Playstation4 CUH-10XXA and CUH-11XXA KSB0912HE-CK2M 500GB(with Screwdrivers T8+T10,Thermal Paste,Spatula)

Keep your PS4 system cool with this YEECHUN CPU Fan, which features a chipset fan and a heat pipe solution to draw hot air away from the CPU to make way for more efficient cooling. This 3-pin CPU Cooling Fan installs quickly without any special skills or tools required, allowing you to open your system case and replace the stock fan right away. The compact design occupies minimal space inside the case for maximum compatibility with other components. A thermal guard clamping structure protects the fan from failure by automatically shutting off power if the clamp fails to close.

A Yeechun PS4 CPU Cooling Fan is designed specifically to cool Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Consoles CUH-12XX, CUH-1200, CUH-1200AB02, CUH-1200AB01, 1215A and 1215B series (included long cable and small interface). If your PS4 is heating up and maybe causing a system crash, then it’s time to replace the stock fan. Replace it with this KSB0912HE DC12V 1.4A 3-Pin fan made by Yeechun, and you’ll be well on your way to gaming stability. It’s not just a great upgrade from the stock fan, but it’s also one of the quietest fans available for this model. Compatible with SONY PS4 Console  CUH-1200AB01, CUH-12XX CUH-1200, CUH-1200 Model, CUH-1200AB02 1215A 1215B Series, This Cable Has A Long Interface. It is very important to check it before ordering carefully.

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8. Linkhood Cooling Fan for PS4

Linkhood Cooling Fan for PS4, USB External Cooler 5 Fan Turbo Temperature Control Cooling Fans for Sony Playstation 4 Gaming Console

PlayStation cooling fan for PS4 is your best choice for PS4 accessories. Featuring 5 Turbofans and 2 cooling modes, you can be sure of a good time when playing games. It’s multi-functional and cools down other hardware devices like PCs, laptops, etc. This powerful turbofan has three different speed buttons, which can easily control the fan’s speed. The turbo mode will maximally cool down your PlayStation 4 console in a minute. It’s easy that you just need to press the switch button and let it start to cool down your ps4 hardware device. The cooling fans can reduce heat and absorb dust on your PS4 console effectively, ensuring no dust in the long running games or heavy scenes. Using the Turbo mode to cool down the PS4 quickly during heavy games. (Not fit PS4 Slim or Pro Console)

The Linkhood cooling fan for PlayStation 4 will help you play your PS4 safely! Very easy to use and install. All you need is just plug this cute little fan into the USB port of your PlayStation 4. It automatically switches to work with your console’s internal built-in temperature sensor. You can continue playing your games or watching movies on the PlayStation 4 without a hitch. When the temperature rises, it will automatically switch on and start cooling down the console.

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Best PS4 Cooling Fan Buying Guide

Best PS4 Cooling Fan

The following factors should be considered before purchasing a PS4 cooling fan:

Number of Fans

How can you protect your PS4 by maximizing the cooling effect? A fan base is important. There are typically 2 to 5 fans on PS4 cooling fans. Several different modes are available on these fans.

Gamer enthusiasts need a unit with four to five fans, while casual gamers are better off with two to three fans.

A turbofan with a maximum air volume of 12.6 CFM is essential for hardcore gamers. This means your PS4 will cool faster due to the faster-spinning fans.

Heavy or Lightweight

PS4 Slim performs better with a lightweight fan. What’s the reason? It prevents your PS4 from slipping or falling. The PS4’s lifespan can be extended this way. Portable cooling fans for PS4 are lightweight as well.

A heavy cooling fan is necessary for hardcore gamers. The cooling system gives your PS4 stability while also preventing overheating from making it malfunction.

Galvanized Metal Base

Plastic is the most common material for the bases of cooling fans for PS4. However, they do retain heat even though they prevent the console from falling.

Ensure that the PS4 cooling fan has a galvanized metal base for efficient cooling day and night. As a result of the metal, your PS4 is cooler faster since heat evaporates faster.

Charging Speed

In order to fully immerse yourself in a game, you want no interruptions to interfere. For example, in a power outage, the controllers would not have juice. Playing on a PS4 with a fast charging fan will ensure you experience no interruptions.

We recommend using a charging solution that won’t take more than two hours to charge your controllers. PlayStation 4 controllers feature built-in protector chips. Therefore, only charge the controllers when they are under 70%.

Noise Level

Noise levels increase when more than one fan is running. In addition to flow rate, fan efficiency, pressure, and fan type, fan noise varies with the number of fans. In comparison, the sound of a fan is about 25 decibels louder than breathing 1m away.

A fan in a room at a low speed is 35 decibels louder than one located one meter away. Make sure your cooling fan generates no more than 45 decibels of noise while you play your games.

How Do I Fix My PS4 Fan?

The PS4’s fan may be making an annoying sound or causing the room to heat up. PS4s run quietly when they are new. The console accumulates dust over time.

If the dust collects in the PS4, it will likely make a louder noise. By spinning, they require more energy. If you fix this problem, your fans will run more efficiently.

How exactly? It is possible to use compressed air or a compressor. This is a way of blowing out dust.

Ensure that the console is unplugged and switched off. Access your console’s bottom back to remove your seals and screws. Screwdrivers T8 and T9 are appropriate. Remember that removing the seals will void your warranty.

It should be possible to remove the PS4’s bottom half. That portion of the console should be discarded after disassembly. Doing so with care will prevent damage. To blow dust away, use an air compressor or canned air.

Use canned air if possible to spray upright. It is not a good idea to blow near disk drives.

Playstation 4: How to Replace the Fan?

Have you ever had a PS4 overheat? Playstation 4 fans need replacing. Have you thought about this? It is necessary to remove the PS4’s seals. Remove the screws from the bottom cover and lift the backside downwards to remove the cover. Remove both the 4mm Philips #1 screws and the TR9 security Torx screws on the power supply.

The power supply connector should be disconnected and removed from the case. Do not use much force when disconnecting the ribbon wires from the motherboard. Wi-Fi and optical drives should be removed and the hard drive and metal bracket. Computers should be taken apart to remove the motherboard. Disconnect all wires from it and then remove it. Removed motherboards separate the processor from the thermal paste. Attend assembly to reapply.

The cooling fan should be removed and replaced with a new one. Make sure it is working by disassembling and reassembling it. Focus your efforts on a PS4 fan replacement rather than the PS4 cooling mod.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Worth Getting a Cooling Fan for PS4?

Assuming the fan is not that costly, I would say yes since it helps in reducing your device’s heat level. It is also possible to use the PS4 without it.

Can I Use a Fan to Cool My PS4?

PS4 can be cooled with a room fan, but not as effectively as a specially designed cooling fan.

Can a PS4 Work Without a Fan?

Fans do not need to install on the PlayStation 4. If your PS4 fan breaks, you should avoid using it because it will heat up to the point that it will catch fire. It’s important to shut down the PS4 before it overheats.

How do I Keep my PS4 Cool?

The PS4 works best when it is kept cool and working effectively

  • Ensure that PlayStation 4 is kept out of the way.
  • Using compressed air to clean vents can keep dust from entering
  • Mount your PS4 on a wall if you can
  • Heat can be caused by dust, so make sure your dust cover is attached

Why are PS4 Fans So Loud?

Dust in the fans of the PS4 causes the device to be loud. PS4 can be kept vertically to remove dust, reducing fan noise levels.


Any PlayStation 4 owner knows that increasing the lifespan of their expensive and beloved gadgets is crucial for extending their lifespan. They are not just fans, but a complete cooling package for the PS4. With a number of additional accessories that come with them, they perfectly complement every gaming accessory and need in a very thorough and efficient fashion. An accessory that can enhance your gameplay on PlayStation 4 and even store all of your gaming accessories in a compact, organized manner can be beneficial.

All avid gamers looking for a way to enhance their gaming consoles’ efficiency and appearance should consider this upgrade. The products listed above have found a place in the world of PlayStation 4 gaming accessories.

 This accessory is a must-have if you look for a great product at a lower price. Using it gives you a better gaming experience and ensures you get what you want to get out of the game.

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