Best Taser for Women

There is no matter if you are purchasing for yourself or someone else – you are looking for the best taser for women. As a self-defense or personal protection tool, a taser is ideal. Some types of tasers will be more useful than others, depending on what you do in your daily life.

This way we can ensure that women who want to protect themselves and just more self-confidence when single will have the best option available. You’re likely a bit overwhelmed by all the choices you have at your disposal if you’re thinking about buying the best taser. With so many competitive products available, it can be challenging to determine which models are quality models and which are inexpensive knockoffs.

This article will discuss three of the best taser for women on the market. Our goal is to cover all the information you need before choosing the right one for you. We will discuss different designs and styles.

Our Favorite Best Taser for Women

Top 5 Best Taser for Women Reviews- 2022

1. Taser Pulse Self-Defense Tool

Taser Pulse Self-Defense Tool – (2) Cartridges, (1) Conductive Target (Black)

The TASER Pulse is an easy self-defense device that will make it safe to go anywhere. It’s the first TASER specifically designed to be carried and used on a daily basis, making this device a convenient way to protect yourself. Guns are great, but they aren’t practical for everyday carry. However, the TASER Pulse can be slipped into your purse or pocket without a second thought. You won’t have to leave home without wearing it because there’s no holster needed! Targets and lasers help you focus the TASER Pulse’s high voltage pulses accurately, even in low light. The Pulse is also virtually silent! This device is simple to use and so effective that you’ll feel more secure walking alone at night.

With a weight of 8 ounces, the TASER Pulse is our smallest personal self-defense device. It has a range of up to 15 feet and can temporarily disarm an attacker through the use of targeted high voltage and low amperage pulses. An attacker is temporarily incapacitated by neuromuscular incapacitating medications (NMI) to temporarily bypass their nervous system to restrict their muscle control for 30 seconds. This gives you time to get away safely. Featuring a laser sight that allows for precise shooting, this device is suitable for most personal protection situations, and it also features a convenient activation button.

The Taser Pulse is a great self-defense tool designed for people not in a profession to protect themselves and security professionals. It is lightweight, easy to use, and has safety features for non-professionals. The entire system comes with a durable casing that is water-resistant so that you can feel comfortable even in inclement weather. The low voltage ensures that you don’t need to worry about family members or pets accidentally receiving a shock when touching the device.

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2. Taser Pulse+ Self-Defense Tool

TASER Pulse+ Self-Defense Tool with Noonlight Integration (Black)

The TASER Pulse+ is a simple to use and effective self-defense tool. It has a compact design and fits into the palm of your hand. A built-in high visibility flashlight allows you to illuminate dark areas, while the targeting laser enables you to aim with precision. This model mounts easily to most belts and also utilizes a safety switch, which turns on the device only when it’s in your hand, preventing accidental firings. The TASER Pulse+ is made from strong plastics and is a lightweight (less than two pounds) self-defense tool that protects you and those around you.

The TASER Pulse+ is an effective and discreet self-defense tool. With our smallest electro-shock device available, you will feel secure knowing that the Pulse + is discrete and easily carried anywhere you go. It’s 15-foot shock range can be instantly activated with preloaded cartridges or 100% charged from a wall outlet in just 5 minutes, providing you with 30 seconds of laser targeting to aim at your target while shooting an immobilizing pulse. The short charging time, combined with the ease of reloading and the device’s high capacity battery allows for multiple uses. TASER engineers designed the Pulse + to be an easy tool to use in critical situations should they arise, with simple tap activation and Pre-Kitted replacement cartridges.

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3. Taser Pulse+ Self-Defense Tool

TASER Pulse+ Self-Defense Tool with Noonlight Integration (Yellow)

With the TASER Pulse+, you can ensure your safety with just one device. It comes with a built-in high-visibility flashlight that gives you the feeling of security at night, and it comes with a targeting laser that allows it to attain the most precise aim at a distance of 15 feet. Even when wearing gloves, a self-defense product that is simple to use, this product can assist by alerting citizens and trained professionals alike.

The TASER Pulse is our smallest, most discreet self-defense tool. It’s 15-foot shock range can be instantly activated with preloaded cartridges or 100% charged from a wall outlet in just 5 minutes, providing you with 30 seconds of laser targeting to aim at your target while shooting an immobilizing pulse. The short charging time, combined with the ease of reloading and the device’s high capacity battery allows for multiple uses. You will feel secure knowing that the Pulse is discreet and easily carried anywhere you go.

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4. Blade-Tech TASER Pulse and Pulse+

Blade-Tech Kydex Outside-The-Waistband Holster for TASER Pulse and Pulse +

The Blade-Tech TASER Pulse and Pulse + holster are compatible with an easy draw and maximum retention.  The Blade-Tech TASER Pulse and Pulse + holster features a “pull the dot” snap that provides for convenient on and off use. This self-defense tool features an electric probe, flashlight, safety switch, belt clip, wrist strap and recharging capability. With the Blade-Tech TASER Pulse and Pulse + holster, you can carry your self-defense tool comfortably knowing it is safe from falling out of your holster.

This may be the last holster you ever buy for your TASER Pulse or Pulse +. Adjustable straps that fit belts range from 1 1/4″ – 1 3/4″. This holster consists of durable black nylon reinforced polymer. The Tek-Lok belt attachment system anchors this holster firmly to your belt and a safety cover prevents accidental discharge. It’s easy to draw and replace, making your TASER Pulse or Pulse + instantly accessible to protect yourself and others. Blade-Tech has provided high-quality holsters for over 19 years, creating outstanding products for personal protection and law enforcement professionals.

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5. VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun

TASER StrikeLight Rechargeable Self-Defense Flashlight | Perfect For Running, Jogging, Pet Walking | Portable, Lightweight, Survival, Outdoors

The Vipertek VTS-989 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun is a heavy-duty stun gun flashlight combo from VIPERTEK. This stun gun flashlight combines three modes of operation. A voltage of 1 million delivers painful stopping power, and a lifetime warranty covers it. An attacker who attempts to take the stun gun from you will be shocked by shock plates on the stun gun’s side. It also features a contoured grip, built-in charger and belt/pocket clip.

Explore the goldmine of safety with this high power stun gun. The VIPERTEK Heavy Duty stun gun is the only guaranteed way to get away from any sort of close range violence and threat. Just flip it on, and you’ll be surprised at how fast it shatters your assailant’s control. Featuring a long reach of 6.5″ and ultra sharp spike electrodes, it vibrates strongly and quickly to incapacitate any attacker or invader on sight. This device also comes with a lifetime warranty so you can buy it confidently.

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Best Taser for Women Buying Guide

Best Taser for Women


A stun gun can be used for two different purposes. Police officers and security guards are required to carry a concealed weapon while the rest of the population carries concealed weapons. In my opinion, stun guns make up the smallest percentage of open carry advocates.

Stun guns are harder to conceal the bigger they are. Life is like that. If the weapon is smaller, the battery will be smaller and the shock will be less powerful. The best system should consider concealment, power preservation, and battery preservation.

See if they make holsters for your stun gun to make a compromise between size and concealability. In spite of its size, the Taser Pulse comes with an IWB holster.


Voltage is the most important factor when buying the best taser for women. In other words, you will not be able to interrupt the current flow through the clothes that the attacker might be wearing just because of the high voltage. An attacker would think twice about attacking you again after hearing the loud and crackling sound.


You can expect a different design of female defense products from each brand. The best stun gun design would be one that offers the best performance. Compared to other options available on the market, it should allow you to work great easily. Disguise or carry the stun gun around with some designs as well.

Lights up

It will be nice to have this feature. Compared to other flashlights without the feature, the flashlight will increase visibility. Check that the flashlight on the product is actually bright if one comes with it.


Another nice feature is that you can set the alarm. It will alarm loudly the moment you press the button. Making sure those around you are aware of your situation is certainly important with an alarm. A loud alarm will scare even the attacker. Among the mini tasers for women, there is the alarm.


What is the Strongest Legal Taser?

If you were looking for the most powerful stun gun, it would have to be the Vipertek VTS-989 stun gun you can buy. There isn’t an unbeatable tool available to you to help you feel secure at night if your jurisdiction permits it, but it is only available in certain areas.

Which is Better: Stun Gun or Taser?

The fact that stun guns must be used at close range may seem risky, but most people find them easier to use. As you probably only have one opportunity to hit the attacker before they reach you, you have to make sure your aim is on point when using TASER devices from a distance.

Which Taser Does the Police Use?

Axon’s TASER conducts electrical weapons to meet law enforcement agencies’ demands. They come in various models—a TASER CEW with two-shot capabilities and dual lasers. The TASER X2 is an electronic control weapon. All three of the AXON models are smaller than the TASER X26P, the smallest, most compact SMART WEAPON of the three.

How Far Away can you Taser Someone?

The Taser fires prongs or darts attached by wire at an individual when fired from a distance. When Tasers utilize these cases, Kenney said they could hit targets reliably for about 10 feet, but the effectiveness is questionable beyond that.

Is Pepper Spray or a Taser Better?

However, you can also use the Taser as a stun gun if you are close to the attacker. Pepper spray is easier to carry and conceal than Tasers. It is cheaper too. You may need less volume to deter an attack with smaller containers.


From the list of the best taser for women above, it is easy to see many options available. You will always be able to pick a product that works great for you as compared to the many others on the market. The best taser for women is all about giving them the protection they have always wanted. Go ahead and get one for yourself to keep using it for better protection.

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