Best Telephony Cable Modem

It may not be the first thing you consider when you receive your next internet bill, but it should be the first thing on your mind. When you purchase your own cable modem versus using whatever your internet service provider provides, you can potentially save money on your internet service by avoiding an unnecessary equipment rental fee.

It may seem absurd that equipment rental costs so much, but it’s not a joke. Most ISPs charge up to $14 per month for using one of their modems, which can quickly mount up. You’ll be able to recoup your investment in half a year by lowering your internet rate with the best cable modems, which generally cost under $70. Your internet provider will no longer charge you for the typical age-old modems you rent.

Our 5 Favorite Telephony Cable Modem

Reviews of the top 5 modems with phone jacks

1. Cable Modem CM500 from NETGEAR

NETGEAR Cable Modem CM500 - Compatible with All Cable Providers Including Xfinity by Comcast, Spectrum, Cox | for Cable Plans Up to 400Mbps | DOCSIS 3.0

Your service provider does not charge a monthly fee for the Netgear CM500 cable modem. After purchasing this modem, you own it for life.

It is nice to be able to put this C500 Netgear vertically because it has a slick body. This makes it very easy to accommodate between appliances and it doesn’t take up much space. The front panel is also illuminated with LED lights. They indicate whether or not the modem is on or off, whether a channel is protected, whether the modem is scanning to identify a station, whether it is connected to the Ethernet, etc. This results in a more pleasant user experience, as well as more viewing benefits. Self-activation is supported by Comcast Xfinity on this modem. You will be able to save time and do not need to contact your provider. One can connect almost any device to it using the gigabit Ethernet interface. 

NETGEAR genie even comes with the CM500 Netgear modem that lets you monitor its status from your browser. The basic and advanced settings allow you to set the frequency and see whether your upstream and downstream stations are secure.

Multiple devices can be connected to the Internet simultaneously using this modem. Every gadget continues to have a strong signal and excellent speed.

The majority of buyers have reviewed this product positively. Low prices and self-activation support made it popular among users.

It is the perfect product for people who want a decent product at a lower price but have a limited budget.


  • Affordability
  • Activating itself
  • Design for ergonomics
  • Long-lasting
  • The router can connect up to 16 devices.


  • There are times when it gets hot.

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2. The Surfboard Docsis 24X8 Cable Modem from Arrism

ARRIS SURFboard SVG2482AC DOCSIS 3.0 24x8 Cable Modem & AC1750 Wi-Fi Router | Certified for Xfinity Internet & Voice | Approved for Xfinity plans up to 800 Mbps

With ARRIS surfboard AC1750 SVG2482AC you are getting a high-performance wi-fi router as well as a cable modem in one box. 

An impressive speed can be reached with this modem-router combo. It has a download speed of one gigabit per second and an upload speed of up to 1750 Mbps. These heightened speeds make it simple to browse the web and download songs, movies and show you enjoy.

It raises the levels of data both upstream and downstream in your computer system. The cable integration keeps HD sessions and gaming uninterrupted. A 4 Gigabit Ethernet interface allows multiple devices to be connected and communicate via shifting roles. Almost all home routers have four vents, and most users can use them comfortably.

A wireless modem-router combo that includes RDK-B may be the first retail model to include the ARRIS Surfboard AC1750 SVG2482AC. Technology in this class is integrated open-source software that provides a more frequent framework for users’ equipment, such as routers/modems/gateways, set-top boxes, and other equipment to communicate with online services. With this technology, ISPs can set up their emerging custom software or services instantly and can establish specific elements as required.

This particular modem-router combo comes with an optional battery backup that can be purchased separately so you don’t have to worry about power outages. As long as there is no power, it can also be used for making and receiving calls. This product is generally well-received by customers. Its performance and speed seemed satisfactory to them.

 There was a lot of interest in the device’s ability to connect with so many devices simultaneously and function well. People who regularly stream HD content or play games will benefit from this best cable modem with a phone jack. Large houses with many users will benefit from this modem.


  • Speedy
  • Software provided by RDK-B
  • A second battery backup is available
  • Setup is simple
  • The router can connect up to 16 devices


  • Unusual Design

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3. NETGEAR CM1150V Voice Modem

NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem with Voice (CM1150) -  Certified for Xfinity by Comcast Internet & Voice Plans Up to 800Mbps | 2 Phone lines | 4 x 1G Ethernet ports | DOCSIS 3.1

Xfinity Voice and gigabit speed are both provided by the Netgear Nighthawk CM1150V. With just two telephone interfaces, it has far and away the most advanced DOCSIS 3.1 telephony modem for clear forecasts.

In order to connect to wireless networks, the Nighthawk CM1150V can be linked to virtually any compatible Wi-Fi router. Advanced users can customize this best wireless phone jack modem according to their needs. In its design, it has triangular openings inside that serve as vents and let airflow. As opposed to just being a regular square or rectangle, the rack’s design is exceptional, as opposed to just being ordinary. There are a number of online providers that are upgrading to Gigabit internet cable. With CM1150V, you can enjoy smooth and reliable online speeds for 4K video sessions as well as gaming for up to 2Gbps.

DOCSIS 3.1 is the most advanced variant of the DOCSIS protocol and is equipped with the Netgear Nighthawk CM1150V. With this feature, speed upgrades can be applied to this gadget in the future.

There are only two mobile interfaces on the CM1150V for voice calls. These are best for use at home or at work. With internet-based voice calling, users can get clearer and better telephone quality than before. There are four Ethernet interfaces on the Netgear Nighthawk CM1150V, which makes it possible to stream high-definition video to a computer and compatible router, but perhaps not that it could inject 2Gbps through two Ethernet interfaces. The performance of this product seemed to be quite satisfactory to buyers. The Xfinity feature and its easy installation appealed to them. The product has also been highly rated by gamers owing to its consistent performance. A medium-sized house or office will best fit it. For gamers who play alone, it could also be useful.


  • Setup is simple
  • Feature-rich Calls
  • A WAN port and a LAN port
  • DOCS 3.1
  • Security filter for network points of entry
  • The router can connect up to 16 devices


  • Satellite connections are not supported

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4. MT7711 Quad-Port Cable Modem/Router from Motorola

Motorola MT7711 24X8 Cable Modem/Router with Two Phone Ports, DOCSIS 3.0 Modem, and AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router, for Comcast XFINITY Internet and Voice

People who have bad connections will appreciate this modem. It allows your loved ones to enjoy online activities without being interrupted.

With this modem, you can get speeds up to 400 Mbps with Xfinity. You will save money on monthly lease charges if you purchase this modem/router combo.

Games and streaming HD videos can be done at high speeds with it. End-users may receive exemplary performance from this 3 in 1 cable modem. It enables access to the internet for wireless devices such as tablets, tablets, as well as others.

Xfinity audio is supported by two phone interfaces that come with the modem. The fact is, however, that this doesn’t encourage more cable providers to enter the market. The setup process is simple, and the speed is fantastic. Even if you have no installation skills, you can learn installation skills. Buyers highly rate this product. Comcast has recently raised its fees, and many people feel that it is an excellent alternative. This product is also quite popular among gamers. If you have a medium-size house and don’t have many users, this is the best option for you. The best modem with a phone jack can also be used by gamers.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to set up
  • Audio support provided by Xfinity
  • Weightless
  • The router can connect up to 16 devices


  • Tracking of logs is not available

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5. C7100V Nighthawk WiFi Router Combo with Cable Modem from NETGEAR

NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem Wi-Fi Router Combo with Voice C7100V - Supports Cable Plans Up to 400 Mbps, 2 Phone lines, AC1900 Wi-Fi Speed, DOCSIS 3.0

A system like the Netgear C7100V can be considered a router and modem in one. With this C7100v Netgear, you can use online, voice, and satellite services at the same time. Featuring a sleek and quite simple design, the Netgear nighthawk C7100v makes a wonderful addition to your home.

You can connect more than one device to it with the help of this wireless router. A strong and quick connection is available for every apparatus connected.

As the router’s online connection can’t go beyond the walls of your house, you won’t have to stick to a single room as this Netgear modem offers a long-range that covers your whole home. In addition to the beam-forming + feature, the system enhances Wi-Fi selection. You can use this feature when your connection is weak in one room in order to boost the signal and receive a better connection.

Having a triple-play plan makes the purchase of additional equipment unnecessary. The only reason is that it supports the VoIP communication demanded due to its two telephone lines.

Media and files can be shared via USB drives attached to USB interfaces. A printer can also be connected.

With a speed of up to 1300 megabytes per minute, the Netgear C7100v offers a fast and trustworthy online connection. If the picture contains a size of 2GB, it should be easy to download the entire HD picture within 1-5 minutes. The buyers have been extremely satisfied with this cable modem, which is why it is on the list of best cable modems with a phone jack. Customers praised its steady internet speed, long-range, and reasonable price. For people with big houses or offices, it is a great fit. Those who play games will find it useful.


  • A long-range of signals
  • Services tripled
  • Pushbutton
  • Trustworthy and quite fast
  • Network security point of entry filter
  • The router can connect up to 16 devices


  • It’s a bit pricey

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Buying guide to the Best telephony cable modem 

Best Telephony Cable Modem
Telephony Cable Modem

A USB port and an Ethernet port

There are a variety of microphones that can be connected to wireless modem routers, like wireless modems.

If you wish to connect as many stations as possible to a wired tool, you will need at least four Ethernet ports. There are also devices with USB ports, which may be useful to connect a computer without an Ethernet port. It is important to note that SMC machines also have parallel ports for connecting a printer.

Due to the absence of cables on wireless models, fewer ports are available. You will need one or more Ethernet or USB ports, however, if you need a higher speed (100 Mbits / s versus 5).

The device is corded or wireless

Wireless and corded modem routers are available on the market. A “straight” Ethernet cable must be used to connect each computer to a modem router. Home wiring is a cost-effective and affordable option. The models each achieve a throughput of 100 megabits per second.

Compared to wired devices (LAN), wireless devices (Wifi) are more flexible and expensive. For your computers to be network-ready, you must equip them with a USB-type adapter. Despite the designers’ claims, the speeds rarely exceed the 5 Mbps mark, despite complying with the 802.11b standard. 

You should be aware that ADSL lines do not go higher than 2 Mbits / s, so 5 Mbits / s should be sufficient. Last but not least, some wireless devices are equipped with two Ethernet ports (or more), thus providing the possibility of connecting microphones for high-speed transfers (100 Mbits / s).

Configuring the network

Your computers are invisible from the Internet when they are connected to a modem router. Each device that comes with a firewall offers additional protection while browsing the web, even if it doesn’t replace the software firewall already installed on your machine. It is important for hackers to be aware that this protection affects network games as well as file exchange apps.

The “port forwarding” functionality is required for this kind of software to work. It enables you to make a particular computer visible for an application from the Internet through your modem. There is also DynDNS.

One of your microphones can have a domain name. Rather than a dynamic IP address, Internet users will be able to connect through a simple, fixed address instead.

Connection accessories shouldn’t be forgotten

You may need to have elements that are not always provided by designers for your installation to work perfectly. It will be necessary for all telephone outlets in your home to have ADSL filters. There will be a charge of about 12 euros for each additional filter.

Each computer must have an RJ45 network socket in order to use a wired modem router. In contrast, PCI Ethernet cards are required. It costs approximately 12 euros. If you intend to connect multiple microphones, remember to bring “straight” Ethernet cables. Expect to spend about 5 euros per item.

In addition, you must ensure that each computer has an adequate connection to the wireless modem router. Also, you will need an external USB wireless adapter. This will cost about 70 euros.

How Do You Choose the Best Brands?

With the growing number of WiFi router modems on the market, brands are striving to meet every need. Here are the four best modem brands on the market:

1. Netgear

A group called Netgear specializes in computer equipment design. This company was popularized with network accessories first developed by Patrick Lo. Originally, it designed WiFi repeaters, as well as a variety of software products. Presently, Wi-Fi router modems are optimizing the company’s network range.

What is their specificity? Their speed is unmatched. They are also proving to be smart and user-friendly. Furthermore, Netgear is not afraid to expand its options in order to enhance your home network significantly. As a result, Netgear products offer smooth, stable connections!


In addition to designing motherboards, ASUS makes laptops and networking equipment. The company has a reputation for being highly innovative and highly effective because of its many innovations. As for networks, Wi-Fi router modems are also available from the company. Models of the 5th generation are available through a wide range.

Those with distinctive speed and technology differences are the most popular. Several secure access systems are provided with the devices, which allows for quick and secure connections within seconds. As a result, reliability is the hallmark of ASUS.

3. TP-LINK  

Chinese manufacturer TP-LINK Technologies Co has been designing home networks for the past two decades now under the name TP-LINK Technologies Co. Consequently, it designs IP cameras, USB hubs, and WiFi adapters.

Among the brand’s greatest strengths is its price/quality ratio. The group is also responsible for designing WiFi modems that can accommodate a wide range of needs. Each modem in the group features wireless technology and a security system, making it easy to configure. 

4. Telekom

In the 1990s, Telekom was founded by a German group. By entering the European market for TV and the Internet web, the company has been able to optimize its activities. There are branches in the telecommunications industry, the Internet, and in the world of research.

Among the group’s products are TV cables and different computer accessories related to connectivity. WiFi router modems are also a part of the company’s line of products. In any case, Telekom products are ergonomic, easy to use, and have a great deal of versatility that appeals to many people.

In addition to the high-speed connection, customers can take advantage of TV channels and unlimited calling with the brand’s modems.


How do telephony modems work?

A modem with an analog connection. (2) A device that allows an analog phone to communicate via voice over IP (VoIP) via cable or DSL. Also known as an audio converter. (3) A DOCSIS cable modem and a combination analog/digital telephone adapter.

Xfinity Telephony modem – what is it?

By utilizing an Internet connection, Xfinity Voice provides you with amazing call clarity and many other great features. In addition to connecting you to Xfinity Voice, the Wireless Gateway provides fast Xfinity Internet throughout your home via a voice modem and WiFi router.

How does Touchstone Telephony work?

You can use it at home or in the office over local area networks (LANs). You can also connect it via USB. As an additional feature, the Touchstone Telephony Modem allows separate telephone service for up to two lines.

How do cable modems work?

For transmitting or receiving data over cable television lines, especially for access to the Internet, cable modems convert data signals from analog to digital for transmission or reception. As with a telephone modem, cable modems modulate and demodulate signals. However, cable modems are far more sophisticated.

The modem’s DS light is orange. Why is that?

DS refers to downstream traffic, which is what a router receives or downloads. It would mean that there is a problem with receiving network traffic when the DS light on a router blinks orange.

Final Verdict

This article makes it easier than ever to select the best telephone modem. It mentions some excellent products. However, it is up to you to determine what you need from your phone modem. Considering all the technology available today, we believe Netgear C7100V is among the best items. When deciding which modem with a phone jack is best for you, it depends on your particular situation. We have a post about the Best Router Under 50$ if you’re on the lookout for some economical options.

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