Top 10 Best Tripod For Sony A7iii In The Market

Many photographers use tripods for various purposes. For instance, some uses them for shooting self-portraits, some for long exposure shots, and some for video shooting. Tripods also let you take photos in low light without any blur. If you are a photographer yourself, you know how important tripod is. The market is filled with many different tripods that suit the different needs of photographers. To choose the best tripod for Sony a7iii, you will need to focus on quality first. An unreliable tripod could ruin your shoot trips and create more problems than solutions. This isn’t a position where photographers want to be in.

Our 5 Favorite Tripod For Sony A7iii

# Preview Product Score
1 Sensyne 62' Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick, Extendable Cell Phone Tripod Stand with Wireless Remote and Phone Holder, Compatible with iPhone Android Phone, Camera

Sensyne 62" Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick, Extendable Cell Phone Tripod Stand with Wireless Remote and...

2 Aureday 67’’ Camera Tripod with Travel Bag,Cell Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote and Phone Holder, Compatible with DSLR Cameras,Cell Phones,Projector,Webcam,Spotting Scopes

Aureday 67’’ Camera Tripod with Travel Bag,Cell Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote and Phone...

3 Amazon Basics 50-inch Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand With Bag

Amazon Basics 50-inch Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand With Bag

4 Aureday 67' Phone Tripod & Camera Stand, Selfie Stick Tripod with Remote and Phone Holder, Perfect for Selfies/Video Recording/Vlogging/Live Streaming

Aureday 67" Phone Tripod & Camera Stand, Selfie Stick Tripod with Remote and Phone Holder, Perfect...

5 UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Flexible Tripod with Wireless Remote and Clip, Cell Phone Tripod Stand for Video Recording(Black

UBeesize Phone Tripod, Portable and Flexible Tripod with Wireless Remote and Clip, Cell Phone Tripod...


Best Tripod for Sony a7iii Reviews

1. Manfrotto Befree Advanced Tripod with Lever Closure

Manfrotto Befree Advanced Tripod with Lever Closure, Travel Tripod Kit with Ball Head, Portable and Compact, Aluminium Tripod for DSLR Reflex and Mirrorless Cameras, Camera Accessories

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Compatible DevicesDSLR
Tripod Head TypeBall Heads
ColorLever Lock – Black
Maximum Height59.45 Inches
Minimum Height15.75 Inches
Item Weight3.51 Pounds

Forget the way you used to travel before. Don’t bother with rules or guidelines. The Befree Advanced is a stylish, renewed range of Manfrotto travel tripods made to match the high expectations of travel photographers looking for portable and high-performance support.

The new generation of carbon fiber legs ensures maximum performance and extreme lightness.

You’re ready in seconds – no more losing touch with your creative momentum as you frame your shot.

Features impressive load capacity and easy adjustments with ergonomic & independent controls. Framing with zoom lenses is easier and faster.

The Befree Advanced range presents two different locking mechanisms: the M-Lock to drive fast and secure operations in the most portable way and the QPL Lever Lock, which with its on-off mechanism makes setup and adjustment easy and secure.

2. YoTilon Tripod for Camera, Portable Lightweight Travel Camera Tripod for DSLR

YoTilon Tripod for Camera, Portable Lightweight Travel Camera Tripod for DSLR, 360 Degree SLR Ball Tripods with 1/4 Plate for Canon Nikon Sony, Best Choice for Travel and Work.

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Compatible DevicesDSLR
Tripod Head TypeBall Heads
Weight Limit11 Pounds
Item Weight0.94 Kilograms

Camera Tripod quick release plate with 1/4 screw, compatible with all dslr slr camera,camcorder,mini projector,digital cameras. For example,Nikon d3400 d3300,d3400,d5300,d7000,canon 7d,canon rebel,Sony a7,Sony a6000,Sony a7iii And so on, so its a canon camera tripod, Nikon tripod and Sony tripod.

The weight of the lightweight tripod for camera is only 2.1 lbs(0.94kg). The height is adjustable from 405mm(15.9in) to 1240mm(49in), perfect for business travel, outdoor adventures, indoor activities or family trips with carry bag for easy portability and safe storage.Three angle positions of the leg enable shooting on cramped quarters or on uneven rough ground.

Tripods are available in a variety of shooting styles, specially designed ball-head can rotate 360° and the inverted shooting allows you to shot static landscapes from the low angle to achieve marvelous shooting experience.

Our dslr tripod equipped with extra strong leg locks,its very easy and convenient to operate with one hand.the recomanded max loading capacity is 3-5kg, enough to handle almost all dslr cameras, camcorders, lightweight or mini projectors, transfer plate, webcam, digital cameras and so on.

Allows to hang additional weight from the tripod’s center for increased stability .we promise 12 months worry-free warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.if you have any problem when using,please feel free to contact us.we are always ready to hear your voice (reply within 12hrs) and your advice is vital for us to improve our products, we need it.

3. CAMBOFOTO 62”Camera Tripod Stand with Carry Bag,Aluminum Portable Lightweight Travel Tripod for Canon 

CAMBOFOTO 62”Camera Tripod Stand with Carry Bag,Aluminum Portable Lightweight Travel Tripod for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR SLR Cameras for Live Streaming, Work, Vlogging

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Compatible DevicesDSLR
MaterialABS, Aluminum, Plastic
Tripod Head TypeBall Heads
Maximum Height160 Centimeters
Minimum Height60 Centimeters
Number of leg sections4

The tripod is made of aluminum + plastic, has a light structure, weighs only 2.76 pounds, and has a minimum folding size of 22 inches. It is equipped with a carry bag for easy hiking.

The tripod can be rotated 360°, tilted backward or forward 90°, and a bubble level is built-in on the tripod to align your camera with the horizon correctly.

The quick release clip allows you to easily remove the camera and reinstall it as needed. You can also quickly adjust the pan/tilt in all directions, and then firmly lock it to the desired position. Compatible with most camcorders, digital cameras, and still cameras.

The rotating rubber ball seat at the bottom is very suitable to give you an extra sense of security and stability. The gravity hook allows additional weight to be hung on the center column to further enhance stability.

Simple operation, novices can also get started quickly.

4. BONFOTO B690A Camera Tripod for Travel

BONFOTO B690A Camera Tripod for Travel,Lightweight Aluminum Portable DSLR Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head and Carry Bag, Camera Stand for Ring Light & Canon Nikon Sony DSLR

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Compatible DevicesDSLR
Tripod Head TypeBall Heads
ColorB690A Aluminumn Tripod
Maximum Height53.5 Inches
Minimum Height20.5 Inches
Folded Size14.5
Weight Limit18 Pounds
Item Weight3 Pounds

The ball head can be rotated 360 degrees, then helps to improve camera activity range when panoramic shooting.The center column can be turned upside-down to take macro photography. Get close to the nature,enjoy the prettiest moment of nature. The tripod and ball head is connected with a 1/4″ screw and also compatible with 3/8″ thread. The detachable screw will meet your multi requirements for shooting.

The Legs can be folded 180° reversely, that can give it a compact size of just 14.5″, easy to carry. Ball Head with standard 1/4″ mounting screw is compatible with a great majority of device, such ad DSLR, Phone Adapter, Mirrorless, Projector and so on. Quick flip leg lock is easy and fast to adjust to your desired height when shooting. They can give a more convenient leg handling.

5. YESSBON ZOMEI Aluminum Portable Tripod

YESSBON ZOMEI Aluminum Portable Tripod with Ball Head Heavy Duty Lightweight Professional Compact Travel for Nikon Canon Sony All DSLR and Digital Camera

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Compatible DevicesDSLR
Tripod Head TypeBall Heads
ColorQ666 aluminum tripod
Weight Limit22 Pounds
Number of leg sections5

The tripod measures 14.5 inches when folded,center tube fully extended 15 inches,leg measures 43 inches,total length is 62 inches includes the ball head

The tripod is folded and it is easy to unfold , it’s tube is made of aluminum alloy. It is relatively lightweight . Also the tripod has strong twist to lock mechanism, non-slip rubber foot and counter weight hooks that makes the tripod sturdier

2-in-1 tripod, the tripod could be converted into a full size monopod by screwing together the removeable center column and tripod leg to work as a monopod or trekking poles.It comes with a padded carrying case with shoulder strap which is convenient for travel and good for protection.

Load capacity is 26.5lbs coz of the high strength of material,it works very stably

6. Camera Tripod,Famall Flexible Tripod Stand 

Camera Tripod, Famall Flexible Tripod Stand for Phone with Cold Shoe Phone Mount for iPhone Canon Nikon Sony Cameras

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Compatible DevicesDSLR, IPhone
Tripod Head TypeBall Heads
Maximum Height315 Millimeters
Minimum Height295 Millimeters
Weight Limit2 Kilograms
Item Weight0.3 Kilograms
Number of leg sections1

Hidden Phone tripod mount can be extended into a cell phone holder,folded to install DSLR camera with standard 1/4” screw.and the gearwheel even makes camera installation much easier.

Phone mount with cold shoe for microphone and light,perfect for vlog or live.The flexible camera tripod for camera has a 1/4” thread can be apply to magic arm achieve more requirements

Universal 1/4” screw fits most brand of camera,such as Nikon/Canon/Sony.The phone clip can be expanded between 65-95mm compatible with different size smart phones.

The flexible phone tripod supports vertical and horizontal shooting with 360°ball head,and bubble level for level adjustment. Removable ball head can be used to other tripods.

The camera tripod stand is made of aluminum core .It is sturdy and durable and can be bent arbitrarily and attached anywhere(sloping or slick surfaces).Allowing you to capture different angles on your trip.

7. VICIALL 80” Tripod, Camera Tripod for DSLR, Compact Aluminum Tripod

VICIALL 80'' Tripod, Camera Tripod for DSLR, Compact Aluminum Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head and 8kgs Load for Phone, Camera, Travel and Work

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Compatible DevicesDSLR, GoPro, IPhone 8
Tripod Head TypeBall Heads
Weight Limit17.6 Pounds
Number of leg sections

Excellent aluminum alloy tripod, refined with precise CNC technology, has excellent high strength and rigidity, so that it has a strong and stable structure; the bottom of the center column is equipped with a hook design that can hang additional heavy objects. Increase stability; 23mm large pipe diameter system can provide up to 17.6lbs / 8kg load capacity; non-slip rubber feet design to stabilize the tripod on the ground.

Unique design of two independent locks, can rotate the ball head to obtain a 360°panoramic shooting angle, the center column can be flipped and installed, so that you can shoot at low angles; accurate 360° scale You can achieve precise image alignment. The level calibrator helps to adjust the tripod on uneven ground. The tripod can fully meet your shooting needs.

4-section leg legs with quick-release flip locks, allowing you to extend the tripod stand to a maximum height of 80 inches, or shrink to a minimum height of 23.5 inches (in seconds); 3-position foot angle The adjustment system can provide flexible shooting for different shooting scenes and conditions.

Quick release plate with standard 1/4 inch mounting screws for quick connection to the camera;tripod for almost all DSLR cameras such as Canon, Nikon, GoPro ,Sony, Samsung; it can be quickly switched to a monopod by removing the foamed leg and adding a screw to the center column, and the camera holder can be used as a monopod or onopod enables more flexible shooting, also using as trekking pole.

The professional camera tripod can be folded back 180° to form a compact size of 19 inches and weighs only 3.74 pounds/1.7kg. With an adjustable shoulder bag, you can easily take it anywhere for outdoor photography.

8. ULANZI MT-33 Camera Tripod

ULANZI MT-33 Camera Tripod,Flexible Mini Tripod with 1/4' Screw for Magic Arm,Octopus Tripod Compatible with iPhone 12 Samsung Canon Nikon Sony Cameras

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Compatible DevicesIPhone
MaterialMetal, Rubber
Tripod Head TypeBall Heads
Maximum Height32 Centimeters
Item Weight0.37 Kilograms

Comes with a hidden Phone Clamp Mount with Cold Shoe, allows you to mount microphone or led photography light when selfie vlogging. Also extra a cold shoe mount on the side, more space to attach filming add-ons

You also can loosen and swivel the head which has a standard tripod universal 1/4″ thread to mount DSRL camera directly or extra 1/4‘ thread hole on the side, allows you to mount a monitor magic arm(not included)

Made of high-quality rubber material, and has no exposed metal parts so is ideal for outdoor use on wet grass, in a stream and making it ideal for using in the wet weather or underwater shooting

The octopus tripod is well made and designed for both indoor and, especially, outdoor using and has the flexibility to be used at very low levels, eg for photographing flowers, insects, fungi or with its legs wrapped around a tree, branch, fence, gate. Also can be used on uneven surfaces w

The ball head allows the smartphone clip 180° rotation, no matter phone or camera, support veritical and horizontal shooting.

9. MACTREM M-PT55-Bk PT55 Travel Camera Tripod

MACTREM 55' Travel Camera Tripod Stand, Lightweight Aluminum for DSLR SLR Canon Nikon Sony Olympus DV with Carry Bag -11 Lbs(5Kg) Load

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Compatible DevicesDSLR, IPhone 11, IPhone
Tripod Head TypePan Heads
Maximum Height150 Centimeters
Weight Limit11 Pounds
Item Weight2.5 Pounds
Leg Diameter20 Millimeters
Number of leg sections4

This tripod has an aluminum and plactic build. Measures 20 inches (collapsed); extends up to 55 inches, weighs: 2.6 pounds, load: 11 pounds(least).

Easy to store: PT55 compact tripod fits perfectly into the provided carrying case for safe storage.

3-Way pan head: 360-degree swivel function. Double holder for optional Panhead. Keeps your camera safe by remaining steady.

Quick-release plate: attach and detach your camera in seconds. It makes fast transitions between shots and quickly moving from spot to spot possible.

4-Section, lever-lock legs: with the four-section lever-lock legs, can effortlessly accommodates custom set-ups in uneven terrain when you needed to frame the shot just so. The center is gear driven to extend, and rubber feet help ensure stability on different surfaces.

10. ZOMEI Z669C Carbon Fiber Portable Tripod

ZOMEI Z669C Carbon Fiber Portable Tripod with Ball Head Compact Travel for Canon,Sony, Nikon, Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus, Kodak, Fuji, Cameras and Video Camera

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Compatible DevicesDSLR
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Tripod Head TypeBall Heads
Maximum Height59.4 Inches
Minimum Height20.8 Inches
Folded Size14
Weight Limit26.5 Pounds
Item Weight3.3 Pounds
Leg Diameter0.98 Inches

2-in-1 tripod which could be converted into a full size monopod by screwing together the center column and the removable tripod leg.

Made of carbon fiber which is well-designed and folded up wonderfully for travel; allowing height ranging from 13.8″ to 60″, it is portable and compact once collapsed.

Sturdy & Strong: Despite of its light weight, the legs perform very sturdy and can independently lock in different positions, so it’s worry-free for uneven surfaces; there’s also a hook for hanging weight in order to get extra support; the max. load for this tripod is 33LB (15KG), so it will hold your DSLR or other gears safely.

Carbon fiber won’t get hot or cold easily as it is temperature resistant, therefore, you are free to shoot outside regardless of season or climate.

We promise 12 months worry-free warranty and 45 days money back guarantee; 24-hr customer service are always ready to help (reply within 12 hours); for more information, please refer to the description.

Key Features To Look For When Buying The Best Tripod For Sony A7iii

Best Tripod For Sony A7iii

Ball Head

 There are many types of ball head that focus on different aspects a photographer might prefer. For example, some provide stability and some provide flexibility.


Weight is often an important but forgotten factor. Many people do not realize they would have to carry the weight around. You will have to find the right balance between the environment you will be in and the weight.

For example, you will get better performance from a heavy tripod when there is a lot of wind flow.


Always get a tripod that is on par with your height. It would be even better if it is extendable. But the minimum size of the center post should match your height.

Otherwise, you might find from time to time, bending toward the camera when clicking. Needless to say, it would be a very uncomfortable experience.

Lock Style

There are mainly two kinds of locks found on tripods. They are flip lock and twist lock.

Flip-lock is easy to use and focused toward beginners, enthusiasts. This lock wears out quickly, has a limited lifetime. Twist locks are best for professionals. This lock does not wear out quickly and remains the same over the course of time.

Build Materials

 Different materials provide different strengths and weaknesses. For example, carbon fibre offers a solid build with minimum weight. They also tend to be water-resistant. On the other hand, aluminum tripods are a bit heavy and cost less.


 There are some tripods that can be used as monopods too. Having a convertible tripod will give you some creative to solutions on difficult situations.

Frequently Asking Question

Which One Is Better: Flip-lock Or Twist Lock?

As the name suggests, flip-lock is going to take you just a second or two to flip and lock a setup which is good for budding photographers or photographers who cannot invest much time in the setup.

Whereas a twist-lock takes a few more seconds to lock the setup but this is a more secure option that does not disfunction easily.

So if traveling photographers seek a suggestion of the two, I would go with the twist one.

Why Should I Go For A Convertible Tripod Stand?

It’s all about the amount of flexibility you’re looking for. A convertible tripod stand is basically when you can choose between a tripod and a monopod.

Switching between these two types of stands gives you the flexibility to take more creative shots whenever required.

Hence, you might consider purchasing a convertible tripod stand if that is what can get you more on the creative side.

How To Extend The Life Of My Tripod Stand?

To ensure that your tripod stand does not give up before completing its actual life span, one of the best things to do is to keep lubricating your stand from time to time.

Oiling will not just keep the parts free from friction, but it will also secure the body of the stand from corrosion and rust.

Another careful step would be to avoid lowering your tripod with extra weights which do not fall under the capacity of your tripod stand.

Lastly, make sure that the ground on which the bus stand is placed is not an uneven one. Because that cannot just break your tripod stand but it can leave you months of shock if the accident breaks your camera. Stay aware!

Final Verdict

A tripod is an aid to hold your camera in the right position. The best Sony A7M3 Tripod must be a perfect match for your Sony A7III. It should be easy and quick to set up and should also have a good quality without fail.

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