A Sneak Peak into the Types of Servers and Their Advantages

close up computer connection

The general definition of a server is a computer that requests and delivers data over connections. And different types of servers produce various kinds of results. Each one is important and performs varying actions depending on what its job is. For instance, some servers connect the user to the Internet, while others make sure your … Read more

Know How the Process Control Block Works

Woman is using her laptop and holding a notebook

Image source: pixabay Think about the complexities associated with computing – even in its most basic forms. How does a program, say a chat platform for example, know how to handle all its associated tasks in the right order? Sending and receiving data, verifying the source, encoding, and doing it all with the right amount … Read more

How to Set Up Your SMTP Protocol for Auto Emailing

Sending email

Email – even in an age of instant messaging, video chatting, and high-speed communication marvels, email is still one of the most reliable forms of digital communication. Everyone from individuals to businesses rely on emails for communication. Sometimes they can be used simply to connect and chat. But in other cases, they’re a full-scale tool … Read more