7 Tips For Enhance For-Loop Java

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Programming is such an interesting marvel that it is easy to look at the bigger picture and marvel without examining the individual marvels within. Every digital device functions thanks to a combination of hardware and software – the latter encompassing programming with various popular languages. Sometimes our favorite devices carry out the same function multiple … Read more

Grid Computing: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

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Grid computing is an often misunderstood concept, particularly among laymen who often associate it with computer networking. That’s understandable because, although superficially similar, it is a highly specialized computing discipline with very specific applications. The best way to get a better understanding of computer grids is to develop a feeling for the differences between grids … Read more

Data types in C++

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 1.Primitive Data types in C++ 1.1.character 1.2.integer 1.3.Float 1.4.Bool 2.Additional Data types in C++ 2.0.1.For example In computer programming, information is stored in a computer memory with different data types. We must know what is to be stored in a computer memory,whether it is a simple number, a letter … Read more

Loops in C++ Language, Part 1

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 0.1.Program: 0.2.Run output 0.3.Program 0.4.Run output 0.5.Run output 1.Sentinel Controlled Loops 1.1.Program 1.2.Run output 1.3.Loops in C++ Language, Part 2 1.4.For loop in C++ It is a kind of a loop that executes a specified number of times.The use of this type of loop is very common and occurs … Read more

Control Structures in C++

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 1.Two-way Decision 2.Multi-way decision 2.1.Output of Program 2.2.Output of Program 3.Iterative Execution 4.Rules not the indentation 4.1.Alternative 1 4.2.Alternative 2 In the given example, if the tested expression is true, the statement 1 is executed. Otherwise, is not  executed and control will transfer the statement following the condition. The … Read more

First Program in C++

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 1. 2.Things to Remember Our first C++ program is pretty simple. We will send a couple of instructions to the computer to print a message on the screen. It’s a very simple program but new programmers can learn some basic stuff that are necessary and are used in almost … Read more

Operators in C++

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 1.Types of C++ Operators 1.1.Arithmetic Operators 1.1.1.Usage of Arithmetic operators 1.2.Relational Operators 1.2.1.Usage of Relational Operators 1.3.Logical Operators 1.3.1.For Example 1.4.Assignment Operators 2.Additional Operators in C++ 2.1.Conditional Operators 2.2.Increment and Decrement Operators 2.2.1.For Example 2.3.Bitwise Logical Operators 2.4.Sizeof Operator 3.C++ Operators Precedence and Associativity C++ is very rich in … Read more

Variables & Constants in C++

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 1.Introduction 2.Types of Variables 2.1.Local Variable 2.2.Global Variable 3.Declaration of Variable 3.0.1.For Example 3.0.2.For Example 4.Variable attributes 5.Constants in C++ 5.1.Integer Constants 5.2.Character Constants 5.3.String Constants “A variable is a temporary container to store information, it is a named location in computer memory where varying data like numbers and … Read more