Generation of Programming languages

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 1.What is a Programming Language? 2.2nd Generation of programming languages 3.3rd Generation of programming languages 4.4th Generation of programming languages 4.0.1.Query languages 4.0.2.Report generators 4.0.3.Application generators 5.5th Generation of programming languages A language is a system of communication. Humans communicate with one another in some language, like English, German … Read more

Friend functions in C++

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 1.Friend Function Program Example 1.1.Run output In C++ a function or an entire class may be declared to be a friend of another class or function. Friend function can also be used for overloading functions. The declaration of friend function can appear anywhere in the class. But a good … Read more

Program Samples for Bubble Sort C++

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 0.1.How Does Bubble Sort C++ Work? 0.2.Example of Bubble Sort C++ in Code 0.3.Example of How Bubble Sort C++ Arranges Elements in an Array 0.4.Optimizing the Bubble Sort Algorithm in C++ Every programming language has its own share of sorting algorithms, and C++ is no different. Despite the differences between … Read more

Basics of HTML Frames and How to Implement Them Properly

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 1.What Is an HTML Frame? 2.The Basics of HTML Frames 2.1.Defining frames and framesets 2.2.Setting the Style of Frames 2.3.Borders and Margins 2.4.Implementing HTML Frames Properly 3.Problems with HTML Frames 4.Is There a Better Way? Developing web pages can sound easy – it’s a challenge to create your website … Read more

A Complete List of All Types of Programming Languages

To get a complete overview of the types of programming languages, you must look back to 1883 when Ada Lovelace wrote the first algorithm for the Analytical Engine invented by Charles Babbage. Though that “computing machine” and the algorithm never saw fruition, the effort takes its place in history as the beginning of programming. Fast-forward … Read more

Short definitions of various c++ concepts

category:  Programming Fundamentals Table of Contents 1.Abstract Class 2.Access Control 3.Access Specifier 4.Algorithm 5.Arguments 6.Array 7.Assignment 8.Bit 9.Bjarne Stroustrup 10.Break 11.Cfront 12.Class 13.Comments 14.Compilation Error 15.Compiler 16.Compound statement 17.Constructor 18.Data Member 19.Data Type 20.Debug 21.Destructor Finding the right definition of simple explanation of different C++ terminologies / concepts can be hard sometimes. Here we will … Read more