A Sneak Peak into the Types of Servers and Their Advantages

close up computer connection

The general definition of a server is a computer that requests and delivers data over connections. And different types of servers produce various kinds of results. Each one is important and performs varying actions depending on what its job is. For instance, some servers connect the user to the Internet, while others make sure your … Read more

Functionality and Advantages of Using Alphanumeric Code

advantages of using an alphanumeric code for your login details

Image from Pixabay There are many different codes used in computer programming. One such example of those is alphanumeric codes, also known as character codes. These codes go beyond the traditional numeric representations found in more basic systems because they allow for the representation of both characters and letters, which then allows for the expression … Read more

Exploring Different Scalable Time Division Multiplexing Configurations

Understanding Time Division Multiplexing

Image from Pixabay Computer networks, put simply, are digital telecommunications networks with a series of connected nodes that share resources with each other. Image from Pixabay Devices use data links (either cable, optic cable or wireless) to exchange data with each other. Nodes, then, could refer to phones, servers, personal computers and networking hardware, and … Read more