10 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The benefits of artificial intelligence to mankind have been huge this century. Artificial intelligence, also known as “AI” for short, is an increasingly important part of our lives, whether you realize it or not. From Amazon’s Alexa to the robot greeter at the mall, artificial intelligence is becoming an increasing presence in all of our … Read more

Know the Difference Between Megabits to Megabytes

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.Know the Difference Between Megabits to Megabytes 2.Megabits to Megabytes: The Basics and the Connection 3.Understanding the Fundamentals of Digital Storage 4.When Storage Values Go Even Higher 5.How Knowing the Difference Helps You Know the Difference Between Megabits to Megabytes The tech industry has its own devices, its own … Read more

Get to Know the Basic Motherboard Parts and Their Functionality

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.Understanding the Basic Motherboard Parts: A Beginner’s Guide 1.1. 1.2.ATX Power Connector 1.3.RAM Slots 1.4.BIOS (Basic Input Output System) 1.5.CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) 1.6.Graphics Card Slot 1.7.Standard Connections Ports 2.Why Knowing Your Motherboard Parts Matters Taking a look inside a computer can be a bit overwhelming. If you … Read more

What Is Antialiasing? When and How to Use It?

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.What is Antialiasing? 2.Where Does Antialiasing Apply? 3.What is Antialiasing: 9 Types of Antialiasing Techniques 3.1.FSAA 3.2.MSAA 3.3.Adaptive Antialiasing 3.4.FXAA 3.5.CSAA 3.6.EQAA 3.7.SSAA 3.8.SMAA 4.How Does Sampling Work? 4.1.Point Sampling 4.2.Area Sampling 4.3.Supersampling 5.What are Your Options? 6.Determining the Best Antialiasing for You What is Antialiasing? Your first thought … Read more

10 Ways How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.How Technology Has Changed Our Lives: Top 10 Best Observations 1.1.Communication is Faster and More Versatile Than Ever 1.2.Business Communications Have Evolved Significantly 1.3.Technology Has Made Computers Faster and Smaller 1.4.Medical Science Has Evolved to Save Lives 1.5.Transportation Technology is Becoming Autonomous 1.6.We Can Learn Faster and More Effectively … Read more

8 Incredible Benefits Of Technology in Business

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.The Top 8 Benefits of Using Technology in Business 1.1.Social Media Revolutionizes the Concept of Marketing 1.2.Productivity Software Provides Data-Based Plans for Growth 1.3.Technology Improves Inner-Organizational Communication 1.4.Better Safety Equipment Makes for a Better Workplace 1.5.Digital Organization Makes for Less Clutter 1.6.Technology Has Helped Reduce Energy Consumption 1.7.Virtual Shopping … Read more

Firefox vs Chrome: Decide for yourself

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.Mozilla Firefox: 2.Google Chrome: 3.Web Browser for Smart Phones / Tablets: There are a number of Internet Browsers available to choose from. Everyone have its own advantages and some drawbacks in terms of performance, security, privacy and stability. Here we will discuss the features, advantages and disadvantages of the … Read more

Predictions for latest trends in Information Technology

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.Image: www.engineering.com 2.Latest trends in the year 2016 2.1.Software Defined Data Centre: 2.2.Easier and Simpler Information Technology Conversion 2.3.The Internet of Things 2.4.Security and Safety 2.5.Cloud Computing 2.6.Networking and Speed 2.7.Conclusion Over the last fifty years, certain changes have occurred. First drastic change missed by tons of people was … Read more