Ten interesting facts about Google

category:  Tech Blog Google, is an American company offering internet related services and products. Google Search Engine is one of its flagship product, besides, several other products have been launched over the years by this American giant company. Started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in January, 1996 as their Phd research project at Standford … Read more

Right technology for kids at every age

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.Wondernik: 2.WhereCom’s KidFit Card: 3.ROXs by A-Champs: 4.Lego Education WeDo: 5.Amazon Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition: 5.1.Conclusion: Rapid advancements in the tech industry have influenced our lives from a minute to an alarmingly exponential level. The best part about technology is, despite inventing perfect and exclusive devices for grown-ups, … Read more

Best Productivity Apps for Android

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.Office Suit 8: 2.Cabinet Beta: 3.Airdroid: 4.Microsoft Outlook: 5.Expensify: 6.Evernote: Productivity Apps, another admirable addition to the versatile realm of smart and user friendly applications, have utterly molded and transformed a cell phone, into a Smart Phone cum Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) which is capable of performing the tasks … Read more

5 useful Android Apps for students

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.Coursera 2.Quora 3.Oxford Dictionary  4.Dropbox 5.Fiverr 5.1.Conclusion William Shakespeare once said, “Make use of time, let not advantage slip”. The quote describes the time in its worth.  For a student, time could prove a game-changer for his life if spent well. The good thing about time is, everyone will have … Read more

Predictions for latest trends in Information Technology

category:  Tech Blog Table of Contents 1.Image: www.engineering.com 2.Latest trends in the year 2016 2.1.Software Defined Data Centre: 2.2.Easier and Simpler Information Technology Conversion 2.3.The Internet of Things 2.4.Security and Safety 2.5.Cloud Computing 2.6.Networking and Speed 2.7.Conclusion Over the last fifty years, certain changes have occurred. First drastic change missed by tons of people was … Read more