Top 10 Best Cell Phone Lock Box – Latest Guide

In the quest to tidy, cell phone lock box can make the difference between an organized home and one heaped with mismatched boxes in the closets and garage.

Consumers have been using storage boxes to organize nearly every part of their lives: In homes, on the farm, at warehouses, and even for travel. Over the years, many users have bought numerous brands and styles of storage containers for different applications. Some have served faithfully for decades in storage sheds, while some were only good for a year before cracking.

The best cell phone lock box can lead to smarter living in your home. With a functional aesthetic, storage bins can declutter and organize. To find the ideal cell phone lock box available, we conducted hours of research and evaluated product models on durability, size, type of plastic, closures, and price.

Top 10 Bestcell phone lock box : Editor’s Pick

10 Best cell phone lock box Reviews:

1. Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container (Mini), Timed Lock Box for Cell Phones, Snacks, and other unwanted temptations (White Lid + 2.0” Clear Base)

Features :

  • BUILD BETTER HABITS: Creating genuine changes in our habits requires willpower, and oftentimes we don’t have the internal motivation. That is okay, we know it’s tough to break bad habits. Once it’s set, the kSafe locking timed container will not reopen until the timer hits zero. The timed safe can be set up to 10 days and is your external motivation to cut back on your addictions and build habits to live a happier life.
  • COMBAT ADDICTION: Over 21 million Americans deal with at least one addiction, and the average person spends upwards of 5 hours a day on their phone. Whether it’s your phone, cigarettes, pills, or other illicit substance, the kSafe timed locking feature helps you overcome bad habits by helping you develop the willpower to fight temptation.
  • LOCK AWAY YOUR JUNK FOOD, PHONE, AND CIGARETTES: The kSafe Mini Container holds keys, credit cards, junk food, your phone (iPhone XS & Galaxy S10, S10e), cigarettes, pills, or any other substance you want to cut down your consumption of. Cut back on unhealthy treats, salty snacks, and the consequences of boredom snacking. The Mini locking container is portable to be taken on the go, and comes in multiple color options.
  • BE YOUR OWN INTERVENTION: Phone addiction is on the rise within the last 10 years, and Americans have been battling other substance addictions for much longer. Right now, the average person checks their phone 262 times a day. We all could use a helping hand. The kSafe electric container is a simple, concealed way to get a little help fighting addictions many other people also face.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED RESULTS: The kSafe container is a precommitment device, so you can make smart decisions before the temptation strikes. Studies from Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale show that precommitment devices are the best way to fight temptation by combating decision fatigue and conserving willpower.

Additional Info :

Color Mini (White Lid + Clear Base)
Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 5.5
Length 5.5

2. Upgraded Smart Phones Auto Timer Lock Box,Self-Control Phone Lock Box for Sumsung Google iPhone 13/13 pro/12/11/X/XR/XS/8/ Cell Phones Timer Safe Locker for Kids Students to get More Focused

Features :

  • 【 FIT MOST PHONES WITH AUTOMTIC TIMER】- the box is help to lock away your phone and keeps it out of reach for as long as you chose,large phones such as iPhone 6/7/8 plus or 10/11 max or Samsung S, Note or Ultra series will fit.
  • 【SUPERIOR STANDBY PERFORMANCE】-You can set the timer from 1 minutes to 99 hours,the standby time can reach up to 30days.
  • 【TRANSPARANT COVER WITH FUNCTIONAL SLOTS】-the functional slots make it to receive the call or messages during emergency time, and you can also recharge your phone through the slot using cables.
  • 【 FASHIONABLE AND PORTABLE DESIGN】- Light weight and fashionable size make it convenient to carry and bring more fun for kids.
  • 【Emergency hole for answering calls】- there are holes desiigned for emergency calls or messages, and you will never miss important calls/messages

Additional Info :

3. Ozzptuu 36 Slots Aluminum Alloy Pocket Chart Storage Cabinet for Cell Phones,Wall-Mounted with a Locked,Can be Carried by Hand (36 Slots)

Features :

  • Size:31.5×19.8×51.5 cm/ 12.4×7.8×20.3 inches.
  • Stylish and attractive appearance is ideal for use in conference offices,factories,schools and restaurants.
  • The built-in pearl cotton material is used to prevent abrasion,and the number is arranged to facilitate the search,the storage box has a wall buckle at the back,which can be easily hung on the wall and can not fall down.
  • Humanized portable design,easy to carry,ecurity lock can protect your phone more secure.
  • Material:Aluminum alloy,MDF and transparent plexiglas,It is strong and durable against pressure and fall.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 5

4. Clear Cell Phone Locker Box with Door Locks and Keys Wall-Mounted Cell Phones Storage Cabinet Pocket Storage Locker Box for Office Classroom

Features :

  • MATERIAL:Made by clear acrylic,inside box can be seen easiler;
  • Different Locks: Has 10pcs individual locks,each lock has two keys;
  • On desk or on wall;It is self-standing on a desk; also can be mounted on wall
  • SIZE :20.5”X 7.1”X 8.35”(Each small box’size :3.9”x7.1”x 3.9”),can fit most cell phone,can also put cards,keys ,jewelryetc.
  • Widely Use: put at school classrooms for students;put at office, meeting room,factory,restaurants for employees etc. We offer 10 slots/20slots/30 slots lockers in our amazon store.Thanks.

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Height 8.35
Width 7
Length 20.5
Weight 7

5. ySky Portable Phone Timer Lock Box for iPhone Serials and Android Phones, Self-Control Timer Locker to Help Kids,Students, Adults Focus Back,Prevent Excessive Games, Mobile Phone Addiction(New)

Features :

  • *Fit for Most Mobile Phones:The internal size is about 18.3 * 8.7 * 1.5cm (7.2 * 3.4 * 0.6inch), Compatible with i-Phone 12 Pro Max /12/11/X/XR/XS/8 Serials, Sum-Sung, Hua-wei etc.
  • *Super Standby Time : Max Standby Time can Reach Up 30Days Once Full Charge. Max setting Time is 99mins and 59s for Your different Needs
  • * Mini Portable and Smart Design:Easy-Carrying ,Lightweight, Fashionable Phone lock box , Make good Habit for Kids,Students,Adults. More respect and Love by lock box ,Make their Focus Back .
  • Two Locking Ways Optional : Phone’s Screen Face to You,You can Use Phones except Games by the small holes Phone’s Cover Face to You,Only Emergency Calling can use by Earphone
  • *Emergency Calling Support: You can Use Earphone or Small Holes on the Transparent Cover Once important Calling Coming

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 0.94
Width 4.72
Length 7.48
Weight 0.45415225972

6. Cell Phone Lockers for Employees Classroom Phone Pocket Chart Storage Organizer Box Office Cell Phone Jail Lock Box on Wall

Features :

  • MATERIAL:Made by clear acrylic,you can see inside clearly easiler;
  • Different Locks: Has 20pcs individual locks,each lock come with two keys;
  • On desk or on wall;It is self-standing on a desk; also can be mounted on wall
  • SIZE :20.5”X 7”X 16.5”(Each small box’size :3.9”x7”x 3.9”),can fit most cell phone,can also put keys etc.
  • Widely Use: put at school classrooms for students;put at office,factory,restaurants for employees etc.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 16.535433054
Width 7.086614166
Length 20.472440924
Weight 14

7. Trycooling 30 Slots Aluminum Alloy Clear Cell Phones Storage Cabinet Pocket Chart Storage Locker Box with Handle for Office Classroom

Features :

  • Material: aluminum alloy, the built-in pearl cotton.
  • Handle and hang buckle design, can be placed on the table, also can hang on the wall, easy to carry.
  • Safety lock and digital number design, can be ensure the safety of the item, and without confusion, easy to find and manage.
  • Suitable for school, classroom, conference offices, factories, restaurant and other places.
  • Size: 13.19″(L) x 7.87″(W) x 15.16″(H). Size of each slot: 3.35″(L) x 0.59″(W) x 4.65″(D).

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 20
Width 15
Length 13.78
Weight 4

8. FixtureDisplays® 30-Slot Cell Phone Smartphone Charging Station Lockers Assignment Mail Slot Box USB Femal Ports in Each Slot 15252-USB-NPF

Features :

  • Keep your students away from their phones! Let your workers focus on work and safety! Or create an environment that allows your customers really enjoy each other! Fixture Displays cell phone smartphone pad mini charging station lockers mail slots are ideal for use in gyms, health clubs, resorts, camps, government buildings, military installations, schools and other settings where smartphones and other small valuable items need to be securely stored and be charged.
  • Constructed entirely of steel metal with white power coating, fully assembled, cell phone lockers can accommodate cell phones, s, wallets, keys, cameras, tablet PC’s and other small items. Size: 34.8″ Wide (Left to Right) X 15.4″ High x 8.3″ Deep (Front to Back). 30 compartments – one is used for wire management, 30 unique set of keys and locks. Each slot’s lock comes with two identical keys. Two master keys are provided. Master keys can access any locker.
  • Each slot measures outside dims: 6.3″ Wide (Left to Right) X 2.0″ High X 8.3″ Deep (Front to Back) Max object width to fit in the door is 5.8″ Wide. Each slot is equipped with a Female USB port. One plug goes to the wall, then all the slots are powered. Simply plug in with your device with your own USB cable and let your devices charge while you engage in your activities. This locker has plenty of power to charge all devices at the same time.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 9.1
Width 15.32
Length 34.83
Weight 42

9. Medicine Box with Combination Lock – Large Lockable Storage Lockbox for Food,Snack,Phone Jail,Locking Medication Cabinet,Refrigerator Container,Home Safety

Features :

  • Refrigerator Food Clear Lock Box – When he opens the fridge and looks at the chocolate through the clear lockbox, but can’t open the combination lock box, will you hide in the bedroom or bathroom and laugh loudly?

  • Safety Lock Box for Kids – The perfect gift for that phone addict in your life – Your friend, child or partner will be sure to laugh at this novelty gift item. Also can be used to keep other things locked up where you lack self control!

  • Medicine Lock Box – It’s a sad thing for children to eat something wrong, especially medicine. With this lockable box, children can be kept away from danger

  • Large Locker Box – 13.8 Litres of capacity makes this multi-purpose lock box with combination lock ideal for safely storing food, medicines, phones, tablets, shoes and other personal items and documents.

  • UNIQUE DESIGN – Lockable Storage box designed in the UK, it is so simple to assemble, box solid and durable, BPA Free, lower transportation cost, more affordable sales price, and has design patents from the UK and the European

  • Fit Size -This lockable box is nice size to fit neatly inside most refrigerators as a lockable fridge box, or in a cupboard as a medicine lockbox,can be locked in freezer

Additional Info :

Color Clear + White
Item Dimensions
Height 7.6
Width 9.3
Length 11.6
Weight 2.0723452628

10. Cell Phone Lock Box with Timer, Portable Time Lock Box for iPhone and Android Phone, Help to Be Self-Discipline and Focus to Achieve Goals, Prevent Phone Addiction (Green)

Features :

  • 【Change Now】 If your phone habits are interfering with your health, relationships, and responsibilities, it might be time to make some changes. Research shows that the KEEPIN BOX phone jail box with timer can make you stay away from your mobile phone, focus on work, study and life, effectively multiply your time
  • 【Works with Most Mobile Phones】 The internal size of the phone lock box with charger is about 6.44 x 3.23 x 0.55inch, compatible with iPhone 13/13 Pro/13Pro Max/12/11/X/XR/XS/8/7/6 plus, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei etc.
  • 【Maximum Focus】 The opaque box makes you won’t pay attention to the notifications on lock screen; You can answer/hang up the call from the four-leaf clover window; No screw on the outside, it’s hard to destroy it. A powerful strategy to build better habit
  • 【Fault-tolerance Mechanisms】 Hold the big button for 2 seconds to confirm the time setting, and then there will be a 5 seconds countdown “hesitation period”. At the “hesitation period”, you can cancel the setting by clicking any button, or it will be locked. As a last resort, it can be emergency unlocked by holding the big button for 10 seconds, and there can only be used twice in a lifetime, please use it with caution
  • 【Portable and Long Standby】 Small and light weight, similar to a phone, fully charged in 30 minutes, and it can stand by for 30 days. Feel free to take the storage box with lock to the office, classroom, library and study room (note: The button to open the box consumes more power, reducing usage saves power)

Additional Info :

Color Green
Item Dimensions
Height 0.7
Width 8.1
Length 3.7

What to Look for in a Storage Box


There are two sizes you must take into consideration when searching for a photo box. First is the overall size of the box which will affect how many photos you can store. Additionally, keep in mind the size of the photographs you are looking to store. Many options are suitable for a standard 4 x 6 photograph, while others can accommodate larger dimensions. Ensure your photos will fit in your storage solution before taking the plunge.


Different materials will affect the longevity of your photos. Many options on this list are made from plastic that is acid-free and designed to keep photos looking new for longer. Cardboard photo boxes tend to have extra features like linings or additional buffers to protect against dust and debris. Wood may be a more stylish option but will not have the added benefit of being acid-free.


The purpose of a photo storage box is often to find a place to store photographs in a safe and organized manner that still remains attractive in appearance. For those who will regularly be looking at their store photos, clear boxes and photo sleeves will make it easy to search for photos. Also, additional features like labels or color-coded boxes can add to the level or organization.

For those placing their storage boxes in attics or storage rooms, the appearance will not be as important. Those who still wish to have their photos on hand may choose a more aesthetically pleasing option or one that can easily be decorated or painted. Consider where your photo boxes will live and how they look if that’s important when making your decision.

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