Computer Security threats and how to protect your computer


Computer is very expensive hardware and it contains vital information and your personal data. It is very important to take good care of your computer to avoid any mishaps. Following steps are essential for Computer Security and to protect your computer and the data against any threats.

How to protect your computer against security threats

Keep your computer safe from Viruses

The first step is to download and install an updated version of Antivirus software. All incoming files must be checked for viruses before executing or saving. Scan Flash Drives or external hard drives before copying any data to your computer. There are few great Antivirus software available that you can download like Avast Antivirus, Avira, AVG.

Download Avast Antivirus

Download Avira Antivirus

Install Firewall

Remember that only an Antivirus software will not protect your computer. It is a good security measure to install a firewall in combination with an Antivirus software. A firewall protects against any attacks or unauthorize acces. Probably your operating system comes with a built in firewall, like most of the Windows Operating System does, but third party Firewall is a good option. Some good firewalls are Comodo Firewall, ZoneAlarm Firewall.

Download Comodo Firewall

Download ZoneAlarm Firewall

Guard the Computer

Besides firewall & Antivirus program, Physical security of your computer is also necessary. The user of the computer must guard the computer system. The computer should be placed on a stable surface. It should not be moved while it is turned on. The user should not place anything on monitor because it may block ventilation holes and may cause overheat. Never share your password with anyone. Don’t leave your laptop in public places. Some computers havea cover lock that restricts access to internal components.

Guard Programs & Data

The disks must be placed safely in lock. Take regular backups of important data and program files. The backup must be stored in a safe location or better use cloud services like Skydrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox for important files.

Avoid Power failures

Invest your money in a good UPS. UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is a device that supplies power to the computer without any interruption. It also handles the power fluctuations. It protects computer from the dangers caused by power fluctuations and failures. UPS contains batteries that keep the computer turned on even if the power supply is disconnected. It gives enough time to shut down the computer properly. It is very important because abnormal shut down of the computer may cause different damages to hardware and software of computer system.

Use of Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage stabilizer is a device that maintains the flow of voltage. It is also called voltage regulator. It protects computer from power fluctuations. It prevents the loss of data due to these fluctuations. Power fluctuation may damage computer hardware. The data and program stored on the computer may also be lost. The hard disk can be damaged with bad sectors. Voltage Stabilizer protects computer from all of these damages.

Avoid Extreme Conditions

The computer system should not be placed in extreme conditions. It should be safe from direct sun light, rain, extreme temperature and cigarette smoke etc. Just like any other Electronic devices, a computer must be cleaned regularly. The computer should be placed in an environment that is free from dust and moisture.

Update your Operating System and other programs

Periodically update your operating system and other programs installed on your computer. Outdated software and Operating System is a huge security risk. These updates are meant to fix any security holes or backdoors.

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