Difference between FAT & NTFS


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Difference between FAT & NTFS File Systems

FAT File system

  • It provides no security if the user logs in locally. The file and folder level security permission does not exist.
  • It supports only 8 characters long file name.
  • It is suitable for a partition disks that is less than 500 MB.
  • Partition and file size can be up to 4 GB.
  • It supports no file compression.
  • Disk can get fragmented thus slowing down the access.
  • It is not very reliable since it does not support bad cluster mapping.

NTFS File system

  • It provides security for both local and remote users. The security is provided to the level of files and folders.
  • It supports 255 characters long file name.
  • It is suitable for partition that is greater than 500 MB.
  • Partition size can be up to 16 Exabyte.
  • It supports file compression.
  • It provides lesser possibility of fragmentation.
  • It is highly reliable since it supports bad cluster mapping and transaction logging.




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