Firefox vs Chrome: Decide for yourself


There are a number of Internet Browsers available to choose from. Everyone have its own advantages and some drawbacks in terms of performance, security, privacy and stability. Here we will discuss the features, advantages and disadvantages of the top two Internet Browsers (Firefox & Chrome). So let’s start with my favorite one, in fact ours favorite “Mozilla Firefox”.

Firefox vs Chrome, which one is the best internet browser

Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is designed for Microsoft Windows, Apple’s OSx and Linux operating system. The user base of Firefox counts for more than 450 Million and is mostly popular amongst tech savvy individuals. The first version (Version 1.0) of Firefox was released in November 2004.

That was a little about Firefox’s background history. I started using Firefox when it was in 2.0 version and now its version 29.0. That’s a very long companionship with a single browser, isn’t it? That’s because I like its security features that if offers plus its performance and stability. And don’t forget the myriad of add-ons it offers for customization etc. But recently the newer version of Firefox has been a bit sluggish and takes some time to load. But overall Firefox is great to use, with thousands of developers contributing wonderful add-ons / themes and personas. If you have never used it, go ahead and give it a try, you won’t regret.

Google Chrome:

Chrome is from the search giant Google. A very sleek and fast web browser. Chrome took over first place from Firefox being the No. web browser. That’s because of its lightning fast speed and stability. Although, in the past it has some security issues but it is no more an issue. As far as add-ons are concerned, Chrome’s developer community is very active and there are add-ons available for almost everything.

Web Browser for Smart Phones / Tablets:

According to Firefox on the Google Play store “Firefox for Android is fast, easy to use and customizable with latest security and privacy features”. But tested on low end smart phones it is really slow and sluggish. May be on high end devices it might work fine but it is definitely not recommended for low end devices.

On the other hand, Chrome is much faster and light weight browser for smart Phones.

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