High paying & best careers of 2014 in Computer Science


Computer Science is in the top ten majors in “Princeton Review”. That’s because of the growing demand of IT professionals / Computer Science majors in various businesses and Industries. A number of great careers in Computer Science are waiting for CS graduates in various disciplines with high salary as compared to other fields. According to the United States, Bureau of Labor Statistics that “In 2010, the average pay of a Computer Science Doctoral degree holder was 100,000 dollars per annum. A CS major with specialty in software development, web development or database administration earns a lot as compared to other fields. And the big subjects like Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence are still open and yet to be explored.

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The following are the fastest growing and high in demand careers in computer science.

  • Software Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Programmers
  • Network Administrators
  • Web Developers
  • Computer Operators

As the technology sector is booming so is the demand of tech savvy individuals. Lets discuss each career in the list in more detail.

Software Developer

Software developers are in high demand these days. And they are paid handsome salaries as well. Software developers not only develop applications for computers but for mobile devices running Android or IOS operating systems.

Software developers writes code using programming languages like C, Java, C++, etc and they can also design, manage & test Software.

In the United States the average pay of a software developer is 90,000 dollars per annum according to 2010 statistics of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Database Administrators

A DB Admin job is to design, organize & store information of a medium to large scale business and organization. A database administrator grants access to this data while keeping in view all the security measures.

A Database Administrator uses a Database Management System (DBMS) like Oracle, MySql, MSSql to manage the data. Their job is tough as they have to constantly look after the smooth functionality of the database and keeping it secure from data theft and hacking etc. Database Administrators are paid approximately 70,000 dollars per annum. These days, database admin jobs are in high demand in Pakistan, India & Bangladesh.


Computer Programmers / coders are the work horses in the IT industry. Programmers use any of the programming languages to write application for computers, smart phones, web applications or software for dedicated and embedded systems. They are also paid handsome salaries depending on their coding and problem solving skills.

Network Administrators

A Network Administrator’s job is to design and develop a computer network for schools / colleges, small / medium businesses or a network for large organizations that spans over cities or even countries. Their job is to keep the network secure and functional all the time. They make sure resources are available to those who are connected to the network.

Network Administrators earn quite a lot of money and those who are certified in various network technologies are in high demand.

Web Developer

Web developer jobs are in high demand these days, as every single business or an organization wants their presence on the internet. Web developers use different frameworks / tools and programming languages to develop websites and web based applications. Most of the web developers work as a freelancer and they earn quite a lot these days.

Computer Operators

Computer Operators work in offices and their job is to look after the correct operations of computer facilities and equipment.


Well, the list is not over yet, there are other different fields for computer science and IT majors, like System Analyst, System Engineers, Software Project Managers, IT Managers, Game Developers and so on. Which career is best for you, that depends on your technical skills. But one thing is common to pursue career in Computer Science and that is you must have Problem Solving Skills.

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