Right technology for kids at every age


Rapid advancements in the tech industry have influenced our lives from a minute to an alarmingly exponential level. The best part about technology is, despite inventing perfect and exclusive devices for grown-ups, it has also molded the dimensions of our toddlers’ playing domains by introducing eye-catching handy gadgets, cartoon embedded e-readers and websites that aid in learning basic kindergarten knowledge.

Discussed below, are the ideas and concepts that have been introduced for recording the “firsts” of our children with respect to what gadget they held first, which website they learned reading their “ABC” first, and what tech toy did they use first. Not to mention, these are the “firsts” we could ever wish for during our childhood when we had to shed our tears for a single RC Car.

Technology for kids


A concept put forward by an American firm, this amazing kit is about to be launched in the market very soon. This DYI kit includes various small toys for instance, lighted candles, cardboard houses and circuitry that will light up once placed accordingly and it will aid in developing the analytical skills in the growing children and straighten their fragmented little brains on the path of “Thinking in the Right Direction”.

WhereCom’s KidFit Card:

A cute look-alike of a smartphone for our kids, this walkie-talkie based gadget works like a two-way intercommunication system and also has features like e-book reader and a story teller with various cute voices of children pre-embedded so that our kids can listen to stories and poems in cute stammering voices of their age fellows.

ROXs by A-Champs:

This centrally administered play kit includes four to five nodes overall. ROXs has been built upon the concept of physically involving the child in a play where the game will be to identify the colors on every node with the name of the color appearing on it after a small time lapse. This will instill the know-how of color identification in the kids. This DYI kit is going to be launched in June as well.

Lego Education WeDo:

Blocks are always an integral part of a kid’s life. When you enable the blocks to move around once composed logically and imagine if the toy or structure your kid built, starts moving and making sounds, wouldn’t that be awesome!!! And here we are with another cool DIY kit that is being considered one of the most amazing addition to technology for kids’ domain. This LEGO Education Kit helps in developing arrangement and composition skills.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition:

Instead of handing over your costly IPad or a precious smartphone into the smeared hands of a kid, why not buy him/her, an amazing tab. Thanks to Kindle for saving the day and introducing an affordable and durable tablet computer that will keep them intact to e-learning at a reasonable price of just $150.

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According to a tech expert, while addressing American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP), “There is really no ‘right’ age to allow kids to dip a toe into the digital pond but if we pay attention, we can decide what makes the best for our kids, because the reality is, these milestones are coming whether we like it or not.” In lieu of this quote, the ongoing trends in technology for kids, will unravel many groundbreaking mysteries and it will not be wrong if we infer that, now is the time, when technology has surrounded us with its claws deep into our daily lives and now we are so used to it that we can’t even think of spending a day with a smartphone, out of our life.

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