Top ten Supercomputers of the world


Computers are such fascinating machines, and have made our lives a lot easier. Not only they have automated our businesses but they are also ubiquitous in our homes, to have a chat with friends & family, to play games, watch movies and many more that can be done with a computer. There are some computers that are designed to perform specific tasks, which otherwise can’t be done with Personal Computer. For example, weather forecasting, Space exploration, missile & weapon controls, all these operations are performed by a specialized computers called “Supercomputer”. These Supercomputers perform operations billion times faster than a personal or minicomputers. That’s why Supercomputers are very expensive and large in size and only large organizations and Govt. agencies run Supercomputers for various purposes.

In this article, we are sharing pictures of the most powerful Supercomputers in the world. If you want to know more about Supercomputer and other three types of computers, then have a look at our article “Four types of Computers”.

Top ten most powerful Supercomputers

1. Tianhe – 2, China

Tianhe-2 Supercomputer

2. Titan, Cray Inc. United States

Titan Supercomputer, Cray Inc, United States

3. Sequoia, IBM. United States

Sequoia supercomputer, IBM, United States

4. k Computer, Fujitsu, Japan

k Computer, Fujitsu, Japan

5. Mira, IBM, United States

Mira Supercomputer, IBM, United States

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